04 June 2014

Diamondbacks Game

So we took Rory to her first Diamondbacks game last week
and she loved it!
She was a little overwhelmed at it all ad was tired by the time we made it
all the way to our seats on the uppermost level hahaha

BUT Daddy was even more excited than Rory was ;)
He was so proud of his little Dbacks fan ;)

Aren't they adorable?
Such cuties!
Oh yeah I was there too

Not as excited as those two
but I was there hahaha 
It was really hard for me to walk all that way and up all those stairs
in my third trimester
(just barely but I milked it hahaha)
and my legs have been sore since but luckily it's gotten better over time ;)

We got Subway for me and hot dogs for Rory and Andrew
and this little cutie was obsessed with our root beer hahahaha
I mean that she sat on the ground,
holding the Subway cup full of it and drank it all.
Occasionally we could get a sip from her but she pretty much drank it all ;)
We left in the bottom of the 6th inning
cuz my butt had fallen asleep
(stinkin birthing hips don't sit well in those chairs)
and Rory was really tired.

As we were leaving the ballpark,
we spotted Rory's favorite person!
and HAD to take a picture of course!
The outside was this huge contraption with balls that rolled around and made things
move and make noise.
She was fascinated ;)
But on our way home I begged a watermelon slush from Sonic
and there was one not even 5 minutes away
So I got my slush,
Rory got her chocolate shake,
and Andrew got a Sonic Blast
and we started our hour long trip home.

Also MAJOR kudos to Jill Clark from Allstar Cheer Bling for Rory's shirt!

She's so sweet to me and my family and she did this with
less than 24 hours notice and it was even better than I ever hoped!

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