19 June 2014

A birthday tribute!

2 years ago today
I was in the hospital waiting for my epidural to come,
and waiting for my precious babe to finally vacate my uterus.

I was one week over my due date,
feeling like it was an elephant gestation hahaha
and just dying to meet her!
I wanted to hold her, love her, and be her mom!
(birth story here)

Finally at 8:01 PM,
Aurora Rose made it into the world!
Such relief and happiness and love I haven't felt before
came pouring out of me and tears could not be held back
as I held my tiny baby in my arms and had her daddy right next to me
smiling and saying "She's here!"
We became a family of three,
I finally became a mother.
I had been waiting 23 (and a half) years for her
and here she was in all her glory ;)

And here we are two years later.
Rory has grown into a beautiful young lady.
She knows all her colors, shapes, knows what her name looks like,
is learning letters and sounds already.
She's curious about everything!
She holds love for everyone!
She is definitely a Daddy's girl but also a Mama's girl,
we're both her favorites.
She loves all her grandparents, great grandparents, uncles and aunts.
"I'm 2!"
She talks all the time!
And I do mean ALL. THE. TIME!
Even in her sleep sometimes hahaha
She's an amazing helper:
laundry, dishes, putting things away.
She loves to talk to her baby sister in my tummy
and she's so excited to meet her "in da summer".
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl!
My little princess you mean the world to me and your daddy,
and we couldn't have asked for a better daughter ;)

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