30 June 2014

San Diego Zoo

We had a BLAST at the zoo!
SOO many animals and things to see.
First thing we did was take a bus tour of the zoo to help us get the "lay of the land"
so to speak, then we could decide where to visit afterwards.
SO this place is gigantic!
I mean HELLO!
We took the double decker bus around the entire zoo,
but of course you can't see ALL the animals from a bus
so we then walked to specific places to see the little habitats.
And without further ado,
the animals (and some people)

Ok condors (aka vultures) are the freakiest birds ever.....
their wingspan is ridiculous and they are scary when they swoop!
They were taking a freaking WOLF on a walk!
All I wanted to do was jump out and pet it hahaha 
Crazy? Yes, but truth.
I love wolves ;)

The baby giraffe (under the mommy giraffe)
had been born like 2 weeks ago
(6 feet 2 inches at BIRTH)
and was so cute!!
Who doesn't like Koalas?
Only people with no heart!

Rory LOVED the fish in the Pygmy hippo/crocodile habitat!
Can't ya tell?
She did NOT want to look at me for a picture hahaha

Ok, that hippo?
I mean gigantic/ginormous/gargantuan/etc.
He was just chillin in the water, then he saw Rory
and I kid you not, he walked right up to her!
She wasn't sure how to take that cuz he was so much bigger than her,
but she warmed up to him and thought he was really cool ;)
We took a "lunch" break to eat our pb&j sandwiches ;)

With Grandpa Mills ;)
Andrew took that random picture of Rory and turned out amazing!

The pandas!!!
They were so cute and I just loved them!
The red panda is what Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda was based on!
That coiled mass is a freaking snake......
I hate snakes.....

Ok that Jaguar was ANGRY about something....
he refused to stay still,
Andrew got lucky with the 2 shots we got with him,
but one of them has a different kid in them that's not ours hahaha
Rory loved the elephants too!
She wanted to pet them hahaha
and then she crashed hardcore so we left ;)
Luckily my FIL was able to snap a picture of us
in the aviary ;)
Last trip with just the 3 of us!
I gotta say, being 32 weeks along and all that walking was a bit hard BUT
totally worth it and we loved the experience! 

29 June 2014

San Diego sneak peek!

We came home yesterday from a great beach vacation!
Thanks to Mom and Dad Mills for taking us and showing us a great time!

Here's a sneak peek of the view from our beach house!


Such a gorgeous view!!

And my goofy girl of course!

Seriously gorgeous and we had a blast!
The San Diego Zoo, San Diego temple, beach day, etc to come!! ;)

20 June 2014

Jane Eyre movie

Ok guys I HAVE to vent to you about
movies based on classic books that are supposed to be so good,
and miss so much of what made the books amazing.
Namely the latest version of Jane Eyre.
Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books of all time.
Like seriously the best "romance novel" ever.
But this movie made me so angry.
Poor Andrew made me stop watching it cuz I was so upset about it.
Now I'm going to explain why,
and if you haven't read the book/seen the movie and don't want spoilers,
Now that that's out of the way:
First, Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester
Played by the insanely handsome Michael Fassbender
(aka young Magneto from the new XMen movies)
Rochester is supposed to be called "an ugly man" to the normal eye,
and only handsome in the eyes of Jane who is plain as plain is.
"broad and jetty eyebrows; his square forehead, made squarer by the horizontal
 sweep of his black hair....decisive nose, more remarkable for character than beauty;
his full nostrils, denoting I thought, choler; 
his grim mouth, chin, and jaw....good figure in the athletic sense of the term - 
broad chested and thin flanked, though neither tall nor graceful."
Um......apparently the makeup department thought THIS made him live up to 
the description so easily found in the book?
- __________ -
Second, the relationship between The Rivers and Jane

 When Jane runs away,
she ends up on the doorstep of some very Christlike people that take her in
and nurse her back to health
and through very serendipitous circumstances comes to find out they are her cousins!
Which is a HUGE deal to an orphan that was disowned 
by the only family she knew about!
She gained 2 sisters and a brother which made her ecstatic!
In the movie, they never mention the cousinship......
which irks me beyond anything!
If you knew they weer cousins,
St John's marriage proposal doesn't seem so out of the blue
and like "Whoa forward dude!"
And he's supposed to be passionate but not in your face,
and yelling at her.....yikes!
Third, the lunatic

 If you've seen the movie, 
you probably thought
 "There was a lunatic in the house??"
Yep my friends.
In the book, Jane knows there's a secret at Thornfield that she's 
purposely being left out of,
and she hears deep maniacal laughter on occasions
and is once visited by the lunatic in her own chamber where the madwoman 
tears her veil in two pieces and looks at Jane in the face
with such loathing and anger, it causes Jane to lose consciousness.
Rochester is so secretive and Jane loves him so 
that she accepts (sort of) the excuse he makes for 
what he claims is a visual produced from an overtired mind.
The lunatic just kinda appears in the newest movie.
There's no suspicion, or fear before you finally discover her in the third story.
And she's NOT a docile creature, or pretty!!
She's crafty, cunning and destructive.
She tries to burn Rochester in his bed for crying out loud!
The scene just shows her slapping him in the face and spitting at Jane....
wow.........I'm scared now.....
Fourth, the freaking ending!

The lunatic decides to burn the entire house down.
And she succeeds.
After Rochester makes sure everyone gets out, he goes back for her,
I mean she IS his wife and he's responsible for her,
she ends up jumping off the roof and dying (naturally).
Well while he was trying to get her,
he falls through debris and beams and such.
As a result, he loses his sight and one of his hands.
As devastated as he is by Jane's running away,
he lets himself turn into a hermit of sorts
and when Jane returns,
he has been humbled and changed so much that she now loves him even more.
And now that she can actually be useful to him
(her words, not mine)
she marries him finally and they live happy together.
Now there's of course more in the book,
like an epilogue of sorts
which they don't NEED in the movie.
But seriously?
Again, THIS is all they did to him?
Just made him blind!?
No real character development,
no damage other than "the fire was too bright for him".....
I wanted to throw things at the TV.
Now I will say that I have YET to find the PERFECT version of this book
as a movie but honestly I'm not expecting to.
I know I'm never gonna find that perfect version where everything is there,
It's a big book to cover in 2 hours,
BUT I do think that a little more attention to some of the details
would not have been misplaced....
I DO however think that the actors/actresses acted it wonderfully
in what they were given!
Like Fassbender was AMAZING as Rochester (other than being too pretty),
Mia Wasikowska was amazing as Jane!
What do you think?
Have you ever found a "perfect" version of a book turned movie that you just loved?