20 May 2014

Off my rocker

You guys.
This post is going to be slightly off its rocker.
Alright, let's delve in.
I pretty much suck at taking pictures of things other than Rory.
So I have no proof that anything else happens
but I swear it does!
Like the AYT Masquerade Ball in April.
It happened, Andrew and I dressed up all fancy
(got my dress from Goodwill for $15! Thank you half off Sat!)
Hope and Mark came too and we had a blast ;)
I'm just waiting for the official pictures to go up and then I can steal them
from them and use them heehee
We got a Costco membership finally!
Now, to some, this may seem silly,
but to me,
this is one of my happy places ;)
I LOVE Costco!
I've been begging for a membership since we got married,
and Andrew made me wait til we had a house to get one,
well we'd been here almost 6 months and I was like
"Dude. It's time."
Rory loves going cuz the carts are extra big so she gets to sit next to the diaper bag hahaha
and grab her snacks inside.
Does life get any better for an almost 2 year old?!
Andrew and I seemed to have turned a corner in our marriage.
A good corner don't worry!
We're both really happy in everything.
To me, it feels different than it used to,
love has always been there and we were happy,
but now it's almost like nothing could bring us down.
Now maybe that's partly pregnancy hormones making everything hunky dory,
but I don't think so.
The only stressor we have right now is that his office
is about to close in September
because the company is being moved to GA.
Which is fine, we just are NOT gonna move to GA,
so it's time to hit the pavement yet again for a job for him.
Poor guy and I have applied to a TON of places but no follow-ups.
I'm not really worried though,
I know the Lord will help us find a way,
plus my Andrew is the hardest worker I know and whatever we find
he will be fantastic for it.
Did I mention that Rory's less than a month away from 2?!
Guys I'm having legit anxiety about this!
She's already so big and different than she was as a baby,
what on earth is still in store for me?!
Not to mention adding another baby to the mix in August
has me just a little stressed,
but only in the "schedule" way hahaha
and I already know that the "schedule" we have is going out the window once Jade arrives
but I'm only a little nervous this time around
instead of like petrified hahaha
I'm excited to be a mama again to another sweet lady,
we have our princess and now we'll have our precious jewel
and I'm praying they'll be friends.
Rory already loves her little sister,
she'll talk to my tummy, kiss it, and hug it.
She loves telling everyone that " Baby Jade comin da summer. In auzigit!"
(^August - for those that need translation)
And as soon as she says when Baby Jade is coming,
she reminds me that Baby Bel is coming in the summer too!
(Allie's baby girl due in like 2 weeks!!) 
We're going to be having a Mickey themed party for her
and I'm getting really excited about it ;)
It's gonna be so fun and I'm really hoping we have actually kids show up!

Andrew and I have been able to go on a couple dates
the past few weeks and I tell you,
it has done WONDERS!
We've never been good at the "date night once a week"
or even "set a date night" thing hahaha
It's something we're working on,
mostly cuz I need them.
I know I need them more than he does and that's ok,
he understands that and helps make it happen
and that's what matters ;)
We went out with some buddies for Chipotle last week
and then ended up just hanging for a bit and chatting with the people,
it was really fun and I enjoyed myself to the utmost,
and even though we had to leave before anyone else
(we're the only ones with kids FOR NOW)
we had tons of fun and it made me happy to get back to Rory
after being away from her for awhile ;)
Even mama needs a break y'all!

Tonight we're having an impromptu "BBQ"
at our place with these same buddies and I'm really excited about it!
Rory is even more thrilled cuz she loves all of them
and will probably try to steal all their food
(fair warning to all!)
but I'm excited ;)
It makes me feel kinda like a grown up for the first time,
at our apt we couldn't really have more than one family over at a time,
but now with our lovely house
we can have multiple people and I'm just loving it!
I'm hoping our house will become a place where people want to come
and chill with us,
where kids feel welcome and safe, 
ya know all that good stuff ;)

So kudos to all who made it through this jumbled mess!
I know I don't have any pictures even so seriously

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  1. lol! I loved this jumbled mess of a post! So happy that things are going so well for you guys! :)

  2. Love posts like this... even though i already know all of this info. haha. can't wait for tonight!!! HOTDOGS!!!!!!


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