08 May 2014

My Mother's Day Post (Before the REAL one on Sunday)

Mother's Day.
It's a day I love cuz we get to celebrate the moms in our lives,
plus I get a day off ;)
I love showing the moms in my life how much we love them.
This year I made a something for all three of them
(that I'm not showing yet cuz it's not Mother's Day DUH!)
but I'm hoping they like them ;)
We also may be able to talk to Haley on Sunday
if we're able to get out of church on time
and over to hear from her ;)
If not, she knows we love her and we DID get to chat with her as she was on her way
to Brazil so we feel loved too ;)
Now to the post:
I must say that ME becoming a mother has been
such a weird/awesome/amazing/trippy/etc thing.
I have always wanted to be a mom.
Since I was old enough to know 
"what I wanna be when I grow up".
When Andrew and I got married I was 22.
For a Mormon, that's ancient haha
A lot of my friends who were the same age as me 
(or younger) already had one kid by then,
and here I was a newlywed haha
BUT Andrew and I knew we wanted to have kids right away.
We'd waited 3 years to get married,
and I wanted to have kids while I was still in my 20s
(I originally had like a 5 year plan or something when I was younger...hahaha NO)
it still took us awhile longer than we anticipated to get pregnant.
Not that I'm complaining or saying I'm infertile
but it just took longer than we thought it would.
When I saw the positive test (finally!)
I was so excited to know I was finally gonna have my dreams come true
for motherhood.
Rory's Profile
As the pregnancy went on,
I got more excited and terrified about a baby.
When Rory made her debut,
my heart swelled with joy that she was finally here!
She was MINE.
Andrew and I had created another human being,
it was intense to think about haha
especially as the hormones are raging inside ;)
 Andrew's look of pride makes me happy
As we started our journey as first-time parents,
I realized we needed to learn a lot.
We didn't do the "overly protective binki wash" or the 
"never leave the house because someone may breathe on her"
but we did do stupid things like
take shifts being awake to take care of her.
It ended up making us single parents that happened to live in the same place
and made lots of resentment between us at each other.
Yeah we're NOT doing that again.
I don't know what "system" we'll have but it'll be better than the first one haha
Then this Christmas I was positive again!
I had a moment of panic/dread ONLY for the actual pregnancy part
of it all.
I was very excited for the BABY part of it all ;)
Jade's profile
I'm so excited to become a mother again to another sweet girl!
I would have been just as happy with a boy,
but I'm kinda excited to get out all the girly clothes again
and dress her up ;)
And this time I'll even have a built in helper when Daddy goes back to work.
Rory is a huge helper already
and she tells me she's gonna help when Jade comes.
And we may start potty training soonish over here
(Heaven help me!),
kinda depends on what technique I wanna try
and if she's actually ready for it.
Lately on IG there's been a big pouring out of love for 
after a little boy lost his life last Friday.
My heart aches for his sweet mama.
And his daddy.
I cannot imagine losing a child.
The grief they feel must be horrific and painful.
I'm so grateful that I have the Gospel in my life
because I know that we will see our loved ones again.
Because of His loving sacrifice for us,
we are able to be sealed together for eternity
which gives me comfort.
I hope this poor family feels His love for them,
and is able to heal from this tragedy.
This Mother's Day hold you loved ones a little closer
and thank Heaven for keeping us all together.

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