13 May 2014

Mother's Day

I had an amazing Mother's Day.
My sweet husband got up with Rory around 8:30,
had her come attack me with hugs and kisses
(luckily I was awake too hahaha)
while he got the living room ready for me to go into.
I walked out with eyes closed as per instructions
and when he said "Open!"
I saw this array
and got so excited!!
So did Rory hahaha she actually said "M&M'S!!" before I opened them
such a spoilsport. ;)
Andrew wrote me the sweetest note that made my little pregnant heart burst,
and then he proceeded to make me a Mother's Day omelet ;)
Rory got one too cuz Daddy wanted to spoil both of us ;)
I then took the first official "bump picture" for Miss Jadey
25 weeks!
At church we enjoyed a nice Sacrament meeting about moms,
then the Young Men passed out candy bars for all the women ;)
I got a Twix bar!
One of my sweet girls brought me some peaches from her tree
(freshest, sweetest, juiciest peaches on the planet)
and a big jar of her homemade strawberry jam!
We had a great lesson and Andrew came in to help out,
and then the men took over Primary and YW so we could all go to Relief Society
where we got even MORE candy
and a great lesson about service. 
We then went straight from church to the Mills
where we got to talk to Haley!
We weren't sure if we'd catch her but we were so excited that we did 
and got to talk to her for an hour!
Rory talked to her and made Haley cry cuz she's grown up so much
since she was here but she's most likely to be home for Christmas!!
We were happy to be there for her first/last Brazil phone call hahaha
she's spent most of her mission state side while she waited for her VISA.
We gave Mom Mills her gift and then went to my parents house for the guys to make dinner ;)
I had asked my dad for his sweet and sour chicken
and luckily my mom, grandma, and Emily were fine with it ;)
My dad's sauce and breading for the chicken is a recipe from his mission
in Korea so half of it is in Korean hence it's kinda secret hahaha
Andrew brought our deep fryer to help with the chicken
and guys.....it was DELICIOUS!
Everything my little preggo body wanted
and I'm assuming Jade enjoyed it cuz she started flipping out inside hahaha

Then for dessert, my sweet sweet Andrew
made beignets FOR THE FIRST TIME!
And he nailed it!
They were sooo good!

We gave our gifts to grandma and mom
and after Rory played to her hearts content with her Uncle Trevor,
we packed up to go home ;)
We got into our garage at 9:30,
I changed Rory's diaper,
put her jammie pants on her,
she slept through the whole ordeal,
and as I was trying to put her on her bed,
she whined "NO mama..." then promptly fell back asleep
snores and all hahahaha
and Andrew and I were in bed asleep by 10!

All in all,
a perfectly successful Mother's Day ;)
I'm looking forward to next year with two little ones,
just more to love ;)


  1. Wow! What an absolutely perfect and amazing mother's day. All that chocolate! :) I need Bron to read this post.

  2. Love your cute belly, you look great!!


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