29 May 2014

Life According to Me

We had a pretty ok Memorial Day weekend.
Although poor Rory was cutting all 4 of her 2 year old molars
which was NOT fun!
Lots of cuddles though were awesome,
and she took her medicine like a champ!
And they have since completely come through (I think...)
and she no longer tells us her mouth hurts!
Now it's "my tummy hurts" when she just is being silly,
and if she persists on it (in her silly voice mind you,
I CAN tell the difference between real and not real ok)
we'll give her "medicine" in the cup hahaha
One fun thing though was that Andrew was able to 
break out his brand new grill!!
He's wanted a grill since we got married,
his birthday and Father's Day are the same day this year so 
I told him if he wanted to, we had enough to get him a starter grill.
His face lit up like a Christmas tree ;)
He was one very very happy daddy outside listening to the baseball game grilling ;)
So manly ;)
 Yesterday I had to pick up my As You Wish creation
I had done with Hope and Allie
 and while we were there,
I took a huge chance.

I let Rory try it out for the first time ;)
And she was a ROCKSTAR!
I mean, since it was such a small piece her attention only lasted so long 
but it gave me hope for more mommy/daughter dates before baby girl comes ;)
I'm a firm believer in parent dates with your kids.
My parents did them with us and I loved them ;)
I love her look of concentration as she painted,
just made my heart want to burst!
And tonight we're doing another first!
I won a Pogo Pass and was able to get one for cheap for Andrew too
AND SO we're going to Rory's first Diamondbacks game!
And she has a shirt and everything for it ;)
Thanks again Jill from All-Star Cheer Bling for doing this for me!!
I've known Jill forever and she's the sweetest and kindest person ever! ;)

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