06 May 2014

Big Sister Rory

it's happened!
Rory and Andrew have both felt little miss Jadey move around!
Talk about a shock for Rory hahaha
she looked up at me very confused,
then I told her that was baby Jade moving around,
she yelled "HI BABY JADE!! I LOVE YOU!"
which made Jade do a mighty kick to her hand ;)
They'll be best buddies just you wait and see!
This child moves sooo much!
I'm afraid it's a sign of things to come hahaha
We're so excited to be having another baby but I tell ya, 
sometimes I worry about silly things.
Like how will we possibly love Jade as much as we love Rory?
We already do, it's just hard to visualize holding her in our arms
while at the same time having her big sister climbing into our laps
wanting to kiss "baby Jade" ;)
Figuring out a "schedule" is going to be the most stressing for me I think.
Rory's finally on one mostly,
not super strict or anything but just a general idea so adding a second
unpredictable variable is interesting hahaha
But I'm looking forward to it soo much!
I've been looking through old videos of Rory as a baby 
and I get all excited all over again to experience all the firsts with Jade ;)

Hard to imagine Rory didn't use to talk haha
she talks pretty much constantly now
which is great but can get a little annoying in the car when we're driving for 40 minutes 
and we HAVE to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" like 80 times or screaming could ensue.
She's a really well behaved girl though most of the time.
Her tantrums last usually a grand total of 5 minutes and that's it.
She has my temper SPARK and fizzle haha
She loves to "give medicine" and cook in her kitchen.
 Her daddy is still her favorite person.
This is where you'll find her every night before bed,
laying across Andrew watching Mythbusters with us ;)
She loves her new toy box almost as much as mommy does ;)

Messes are cleaned up with ease now and she loves just chillin in there haha
 Rory's been very snuggly lately,
almost like she knows her time as an only child is ending soon ;)

I'll take any and all snuggles she'll give me.
And she's been a "mommy" lately to all her dolls ;)

Such a stinkin cutie!!
She's going to be an amazing big sister and I can't wait til Jade gets here!
25 weeks on Thursday! ;)


  1. Ok those are the EXACT worries I have about having another child! (Someday.) I mean, I know it will all work out and that I really will love them just as much as I do Ellie, but it's just hard to imagine it all! I like to be able to picture things and that's just pretty much impossible with this situation. But. Having Ellie turned out like ten million billion trillion times way more fun than I'd expected, so, you know...it will all work out :)

    P.S. Rory is adorable!

  2. It sounds like Rory will make an amazing big sister too. Her baby doll is just practice for the real baby girl coming soon. How exciting for you! Congrats!


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