29 May 2014

Life According to Me

We had a pretty ok Memorial Day weekend.
Although poor Rory was cutting all 4 of her 2 year old molars
which was NOT fun!
Lots of cuddles though were awesome,
and she took her medicine like a champ!
And they have since completely come through (I think...)
and she no longer tells us her mouth hurts!
Now it's "my tummy hurts" when she just is being silly,
and if she persists on it (in her silly voice mind you,
I CAN tell the difference between real and not real ok)
we'll give her "medicine" in the cup hahaha
One fun thing though was that Andrew was able to 
break out his brand new grill!!
He's wanted a grill since we got married,
his birthday and Father's Day are the same day this year so 
I told him if he wanted to, we had enough to get him a starter grill.
His face lit up like a Christmas tree ;)
He was one very very happy daddy outside listening to the baseball game grilling ;)
So manly ;)
 Yesterday I had to pick up my As You Wish creation
I had done with Hope and Allie
 and while we were there,
I took a huge chance.

I let Rory try it out for the first time ;)
And she was a ROCKSTAR!
I mean, since it was such a small piece her attention only lasted so long 
but it gave me hope for more mommy/daughter dates before baby girl comes ;)
I'm a firm believer in parent dates with your kids.
My parents did them with us and I loved them ;)
I love her look of concentration as she painted,
just made my heart want to burst!
And tonight we're doing another first!
I won a Pogo Pass and was able to get one for cheap for Andrew too
AND SO we're going to Rory's first Diamondbacks game!
And she has a shirt and everything for it ;)
Thanks again Jill from All-Star Cheer Bling for doing this for me!!
I've known Jill forever and she's the sweetest and kindest person ever! ;)

20 May 2014

Off my rocker

You guys.
This post is going to be slightly off its rocker.
Alright, let's delve in.
I pretty much suck at taking pictures of things other than Rory.
So I have no proof that anything else happens
but I swear it does!
Like the AYT Masquerade Ball in April.
It happened, Andrew and I dressed up all fancy
(got my dress from Goodwill for $15! Thank you half off Sat!)
Hope and Mark came too and we had a blast ;)
I'm just waiting for the official pictures to go up and then I can steal them
from them and use them heehee
We got a Costco membership finally!
Now, to some, this may seem silly,
but to me,
this is one of my happy places ;)
I LOVE Costco!
I've been begging for a membership since we got married,
and Andrew made me wait til we had a house to get one,
well we'd been here almost 6 months and I was like
"Dude. It's time."
Rory loves going cuz the carts are extra big so she gets to sit next to the diaper bag hahaha
and grab her snacks inside.
Does life get any better for an almost 2 year old?!
Andrew and I seemed to have turned a corner in our marriage.
A good corner don't worry!
We're both really happy in everything.
To me, it feels different than it used to,
love has always been there and we were happy,
but now it's almost like nothing could bring us down.
Now maybe that's partly pregnancy hormones making everything hunky dory,
but I don't think so.
The only stressor we have right now is that his office
is about to close in September
because the company is being moved to GA.
Which is fine, we just are NOT gonna move to GA,
so it's time to hit the pavement yet again for a job for him.
Poor guy and I have applied to a TON of places but no follow-ups.
I'm not really worried though,
I know the Lord will help us find a way,
plus my Andrew is the hardest worker I know and whatever we find
he will be fantastic for it.
Did I mention that Rory's less than a month away from 2?!
Guys I'm having legit anxiety about this!
She's already so big and different than she was as a baby,
what on earth is still in store for me?!
Not to mention adding another baby to the mix in August
has me just a little stressed,
but only in the "schedule" way hahaha
and I already know that the "schedule" we have is going out the window once Jade arrives
but I'm only a little nervous this time around
instead of like petrified hahaha
I'm excited to be a mama again to another sweet lady,
we have our princess and now we'll have our precious jewel
and I'm praying they'll be friends.
Rory already loves her little sister,
she'll talk to my tummy, kiss it, and hug it.
She loves telling everyone that " Baby Jade comin da summer. In auzigit!"
(^August - for those that need translation)
And as soon as she says when Baby Jade is coming,
she reminds me that Baby Bel is coming in the summer too!
(Allie's baby girl due in like 2 weeks!!) 
We're going to be having a Mickey themed party for her
and I'm getting really excited about it ;)
It's gonna be so fun and I'm really hoping we have actually kids show up!

Andrew and I have been able to go on a couple dates
the past few weeks and I tell you,
it has done WONDERS!
We've never been good at the "date night once a week"
or even "set a date night" thing hahaha
It's something we're working on,
mostly cuz I need them.
I know I need them more than he does and that's ok,
he understands that and helps make it happen
and that's what matters ;)
We went out with some buddies for Chipotle last week
and then ended up just hanging for a bit and chatting with the people,
it was really fun and I enjoyed myself to the utmost,
and even though we had to leave before anyone else
(we're the only ones with kids FOR NOW)
we had tons of fun and it made me happy to get back to Rory
after being away from her for awhile ;)
Even mama needs a break y'all!

Tonight we're having an impromptu "BBQ"
at our place with these same buddies and I'm really excited about it!
Rory is even more thrilled cuz she loves all of them
and will probably try to steal all their food
(fair warning to all!)
but I'm excited ;)
It makes me feel kinda like a grown up for the first time,
at our apt we couldn't really have more than one family over at a time,
but now with our lovely house
we can have multiple people and I'm just loving it!
I'm hoping our house will become a place where people want to come
and chill with us,
where kids feel welcome and safe, 
ya know all that good stuff ;)

So kudos to all who made it through this jumbled mess!
I know I don't have any pictures even so seriously

You can follow me on IG for more crazy shenanigans!

13 May 2014

Mother's Day

I had an amazing Mother's Day.
My sweet husband got up with Rory around 8:30,
had her come attack me with hugs and kisses
(luckily I was awake too hahaha)
while he got the living room ready for me to go into.
I walked out with eyes closed as per instructions
and when he said "Open!"
I saw this array
and got so excited!!
So did Rory hahaha she actually said "M&M'S!!" before I opened them
such a spoilsport. ;)
Andrew wrote me the sweetest note that made my little pregnant heart burst,
and then he proceeded to make me a Mother's Day omelet ;)
Rory got one too cuz Daddy wanted to spoil both of us ;)
I then took the first official "bump picture" for Miss Jadey
25 weeks!
At church we enjoyed a nice Sacrament meeting about moms,
then the Young Men passed out candy bars for all the women ;)
I got a Twix bar!
One of my sweet girls brought me some peaches from her tree
(freshest, sweetest, juiciest peaches on the planet)
and a big jar of her homemade strawberry jam!
We had a great lesson and Andrew came in to help out,
and then the men took over Primary and YW so we could all go to Relief Society
where we got even MORE candy
and a great lesson about service. 
We then went straight from church to the Mills
where we got to talk to Haley!
We weren't sure if we'd catch her but we were so excited that we did 
and got to talk to her for an hour!
Rory talked to her and made Haley cry cuz she's grown up so much
since she was here but she's most likely to be home for Christmas!!
We were happy to be there for her first/last Brazil phone call hahaha
she's spent most of her mission state side while she waited for her VISA.
We gave Mom Mills her gift and then went to my parents house for the guys to make dinner ;)
I had asked my dad for his sweet and sour chicken
and luckily my mom, grandma, and Emily were fine with it ;)
My dad's sauce and breading for the chicken is a recipe from his mission
in Korea so half of it is in Korean hence it's kinda secret hahaha
Andrew brought our deep fryer to help with the chicken
and guys.....it was DELICIOUS!
Everything my little preggo body wanted
and I'm assuming Jade enjoyed it cuz she started flipping out inside hahaha

Then for dessert, my sweet sweet Andrew
made beignets FOR THE FIRST TIME!
And he nailed it!
They were sooo good!

We gave our gifts to grandma and mom
and after Rory played to her hearts content with her Uncle Trevor,
we packed up to go home ;)
We got into our garage at 9:30,
I changed Rory's diaper,
put her jammie pants on her,
she slept through the whole ordeal,
and as I was trying to put her on her bed,
she whined "NO mama..." then promptly fell back asleep
snores and all hahahaha
and Andrew and I were in bed asleep by 10!

All in all,
a perfectly successful Mother's Day ;)
I'm looking forward to next year with two little ones,
just more to love ;)

08 May 2014

My Mother's Day Post (Before the REAL one on Sunday)

Mother's Day.
It's a day I love cuz we get to celebrate the moms in our lives,
plus I get a day off ;)
I love showing the moms in my life how much we love them.
This year I made a something for all three of them
(that I'm not showing yet cuz it's not Mother's Day DUH!)
but I'm hoping they like them ;)
We also may be able to talk to Haley on Sunday
if we're able to get out of church on time
and over to hear from her ;)
If not, she knows we love her and we DID get to chat with her as she was on her way
to Brazil so we feel loved too ;)
Now to the post:
I must say that ME becoming a mother has been
such a weird/awesome/amazing/trippy/etc thing.
I have always wanted to be a mom.
Since I was old enough to know 
"what I wanna be when I grow up".
When Andrew and I got married I was 22.
For a Mormon, that's ancient haha
A lot of my friends who were the same age as me 
(or younger) already had one kid by then,
and here I was a newlywed haha
BUT Andrew and I knew we wanted to have kids right away.
We'd waited 3 years to get married,
and I wanted to have kids while I was still in my 20s
(I originally had like a 5 year plan or something when I was younger...hahaha NO)
it still took us awhile longer than we anticipated to get pregnant.
Not that I'm complaining or saying I'm infertile
but it just took longer than we thought it would.
When I saw the positive test (finally!)
I was so excited to know I was finally gonna have my dreams come true
for motherhood.
Rory's Profile
As the pregnancy went on,
I got more excited and terrified about a baby.
When Rory made her debut,
my heart swelled with joy that she was finally here!
She was MINE.
Andrew and I had created another human being,
it was intense to think about haha
especially as the hormones are raging inside ;)
 Andrew's look of pride makes me happy
As we started our journey as first-time parents,
I realized we needed to learn a lot.
We didn't do the "overly protective binki wash" or the 
"never leave the house because someone may breathe on her"
but we did do stupid things like
take shifts being awake to take care of her.
It ended up making us single parents that happened to live in the same place
and made lots of resentment between us at each other.
Yeah we're NOT doing that again.
I don't know what "system" we'll have but it'll be better than the first one haha
Then this Christmas I was positive again!
I had a moment of panic/dread ONLY for the actual pregnancy part
of it all.
I was very excited for the BABY part of it all ;)
Jade's profile
I'm so excited to become a mother again to another sweet girl!
I would have been just as happy with a boy,
but I'm kinda excited to get out all the girly clothes again
and dress her up ;)
And this time I'll even have a built in helper when Daddy goes back to work.
Rory is a huge helper already
and she tells me she's gonna help when Jade comes.
And we may start potty training soonish over here
(Heaven help me!),
kinda depends on what technique I wanna try
and if she's actually ready for it.
Lately on IG there's been a big pouring out of love for 
after a little boy lost his life last Friday.
My heart aches for his sweet mama.
And his daddy.
I cannot imagine losing a child.
The grief they feel must be horrific and painful.
I'm so grateful that I have the Gospel in my life
because I know that we will see our loved ones again.
Because of His loving sacrifice for us,
we are able to be sealed together for eternity
which gives me comfort.
I hope this poor family feels His love for them,
and is able to heal from this tragedy.
This Mother's Day hold you loved ones a little closer
and thank Heaven for keeping us all together.

06 May 2014

Big Sister Rory

it's happened!
Rory and Andrew have both felt little miss Jadey move around!
Talk about a shock for Rory hahaha
she looked up at me very confused,
then I told her that was baby Jade moving around,
she yelled "HI BABY JADE!! I LOVE YOU!"
which made Jade do a mighty kick to her hand ;)
They'll be best buddies just you wait and see!
This child moves sooo much!
I'm afraid it's a sign of things to come hahaha
We're so excited to be having another baby but I tell ya, 
sometimes I worry about silly things.
Like how will we possibly love Jade as much as we love Rory?
We already do, it's just hard to visualize holding her in our arms
while at the same time having her big sister climbing into our laps
wanting to kiss "baby Jade" ;)
Figuring out a "schedule" is going to be the most stressing for me I think.
Rory's finally on one mostly,
not super strict or anything but just a general idea so adding a second
unpredictable variable is interesting hahaha
But I'm looking forward to it soo much!
I've been looking through old videos of Rory as a baby 
and I get all excited all over again to experience all the firsts with Jade ;)

Hard to imagine Rory didn't use to talk haha
she talks pretty much constantly now
which is great but can get a little annoying in the car when we're driving for 40 minutes 
and we HAVE to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" like 80 times or screaming could ensue.
She's a really well behaved girl though most of the time.
Her tantrums last usually a grand total of 5 minutes and that's it.
She has my temper SPARK and fizzle haha
She loves to "give medicine" and cook in her kitchen.
 Her daddy is still her favorite person.
This is where you'll find her every night before bed,
laying across Andrew watching Mythbusters with us ;)
She loves her new toy box almost as much as mommy does ;)

Messes are cleaned up with ease now and she loves just chillin in there haha
 Rory's been very snuggly lately,
almost like she knows her time as an only child is ending soon ;)

I'll take any and all snuggles she'll give me.
And she's been a "mommy" lately to all her dolls ;)

Such a stinkin cutie!!
She's going to be an amazing big sister and I can't wait til Jade gets here!
25 weeks on Thursday! ;)