12 April 2014


Oh Saturday,
the day you're supposed to do all your chores,
relax, yard work, etc.
And what am I doing today?
Absolutely nothing whatsoever hahaha
Andrew's out with a bunch of dudes playing video games all day
(it's good for him, he doesn't get to do this often)
so Rory and I are being lazy.
Playing in her kitchen and watching movies all day ;)
And I'm planning on taking a nap when she does!

Ok slightly random anecdote,
I've had a couple questions about "bump pictures" and such this time around.
Well, I keep losing weight,
(20 pounds down already! WHOA! Don't worry, my dr says it's fine)
but I still am in the "I just look fat" phase
in the pregnancy so I'm gonna wait a little longer before I do a bump picture.
I didn't really take any of Rory until about 30 weeks,
(with a couple exceptions just for my personal accounts)
so I feel perfectly fine waiting to post any of baby Jade hahaha
I MAY post one after my appointment at the end of the month
but I want to look pregnant, not just chunky hahaha
Last weekend was General Conference and we had some family
over for cinnamon rolls and then my mom made lunch for us too!
It was a very fun day and Rory really enjoyed having her grandparents
and her uncle and aunt and cousin over ;)

I don't have many pictures of Andrew and Liam together
so this was so awesome to get them both looking happy,
Liam then decided to spit all over Uncle Andrew ;) 
It was glorious hahaha
I also went through all the baby clothes this week 
and got all the 0-6 months clothes out
and I may have already picked the outfits for the hospital....
I'm trying to get as prepared as possible right now since we left it to last minute
last time with Rory hahaha
This week will be the fabric picking for baby blankets and hopefully some curtains
for our big sliding glass door that has like 8 blinds missing,
so it needs something to block the light out. ;)
Have a happy Saturday all!

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