22 April 2014

Photography Hill photos!

Back in October
the amazing Lydia of Photography Hill (blog) took some family photos for us
and I LOVED how they turned out!

I'm seriously sooo happy with how they turned out!
Especially since Rory was a royal pain at our first appointment
and Lydia was awesome and offered a second try,
for which I blessed her profusely!
Lydia captured Rory's sparkle perfectly!
And look at her EYES!!
I mean Andrew and I look ok too but I was soo happy how wonderfully
she was able to capture Rory's personality ;)
Thank you Lydia for being an amazing photographer!


  1. They turned out great! Such a cute family, Ali!

  2. I seriously cannot contain the giggles at the one with Andrew hoisting her up as she hangs limply xD Looooove it.

  3. These turned out so cute!!! And just think - soon you will have a family of FOUR for photos!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!!

  4. Aw these are perfect!!! She did a fabulous job capturing your family!!!

  5. Rory is ADORABLE!!! Love every single one of these.


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