24 April 2014

Nesting/Easter/Catch Up

So I'm pretty sure my nesting instinct has kicked in full swing.
So far, I've gotten the living room to a point that's clean enough for me
to survive and feel better about my living situation hahaha
I have vacuumed,
put Rory's toys in 2 boxes (mostly) and into a corner,
I have Clorox wiped,
I have washed clothes,
I have gotten my Amazon Mom account set up,
new diaper bag ordered
(we're gonna try it out and see if I like it or not),
made TONS of plans for decorating that I want done before Jade comes,
and I have scrubbed the kitchen to practically sparkling.

That dark stuff is grease........
pretty sure the previous owners never even LOOKED up there 
let alone cleaned it haha
but since I put my snowglobes up there,
it needs to be cleaned.

This ONE part of 5 cupboard tops took me over an hour
of scrubbing and 409/Clorox wipes......
So now I'm gonna "hire" one of the YW/YM in our ward to do the job
to earn money for their summer camps haha

But here's the rest of the kitchen I did all by myself!

I'm not proud or anything ;) ;)
Ok I'm TOTALLY proud of myself for getting it all done in one morning!
I should have posted what it looked like before 
but I don't want to alarm anyone!
Just know that when Andrew cooks,
he uses EVERY pot/pan/utensil/spice/oil and all else he possibly can,
therefore my kitchen is a greasy leftover sauce mess.

Let's do a little catch up shall we?
We had a great Easter!
Saturday we went to the Mills family Easter and 
Rory discovered swings for the first time.
 Ok she had been on a swing before but HATED them,
so I'm counting this as a first time,
plus it was definitely the first time holding on by herself ;)
 She kept calling it "carpet"
cuz we had watched the Sofia the First episode that morning 
where she rides a magic carpet and meets Princess Jasmine
and therefore Rory felt like she was flying too ;)
She made a very special friend in Jacque
(one of the Mills cousins I think??
Mom/Dad correct me if I'm wrong!)
and kept begging her to fly with her haha
she also begged food from her.....
little moocher.

Sunday we had a great day at church!

My class was a little crazy
but those girls I teach have the brightest minds
and have the craziest questions!
But like really smart questions too.
Things I'd never thought to ask haha
Seriously so smart!
I have to ask my grandpa for the answers so I can give them correct info ;)
That night we took a whole family picture.
My mom is an only child so we are the only grandkids
 and it's kinda cool to have the ENITRE family in one room
and not be crammed ;)

Ain't we so cute?
Rory was NOT in the mood for pictures at all,
she just wanted to play with her Uncle Trevor haha
This picture is funny cuz we pretty much ALWAYS
sit like this when it's the three of us.
Me in the middle and Trev is ALWAYS on my right,
with Nick on the left (duh)
but it's comical cuz we don't plan this like ever but we ALWAYS do it haha
Love my bros ;)

We enjoyed our time with our families for Easter,
and I look forward to it every year ;)
Also, slightly random but exciting:
Jade has been making her presence known SOOO much!
She moves constantly but so far only I can feel her :(
I tried holding Andrew's hand to where she was doing somersaults 
and he felt nothing,
same with Rory BUT soon enough they'll feel her just fine ;)
Rory already loves her little sister.
She talks to her and kisses her and says 
"Can't wait to mee you in summah!"
Ahhh can't wait! ;)


  1. Great job on all that housework! I've definitely been bitten by the nesting bug too but I still don't feel like I've gotten much done :/

  2. How exciting. At least you can have peace of mind know that the house has been scrubbed.
    My daughter is having my first grandbaby this year and I can't wait to start buying stuff for the little nugget!

  3. Jacque who was pushing Aurora (Rory) on the swing/magic carpet is one of my cousins and the mother of Katie Wagner - the girl from Anthem who just lost her fight with cancer in September. I'm sure Jacque got as much enjoyment out of the quick friendship as Rory did!!


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