16 April 2014

My Aurora Girl

I'm having a hard time believing my baby
will be turning 2 in just a couple months!
I mean, seriously?!
I swear I JUST had her!
(I swear I WAS really happy! Just tired haha)
And now she's this wonderful, sweet, crazy, slightly hot-tempered little person.
A full on human that can walk and talk
and it's wigging me out!

I HAD to include a funny sleeping one haha
she's hilarious in her sleeping positions!
Sometimes I find myself thinking
"I'm her MOM! Holy cow!"
It just hits me,
and then usually she hits me with her hand saying,
"Mama!! iPad??"
Hahahaha we got her a LeapPad thingy for her birthday
but I've been hiding it cuz the batteries die oober fast
and I want her to play with TOYS and not just the tech ;)
We were driving somewhere altogether
(it's a big deal, we usually have to take two cars whenever we go anywhere)
and she's calling "Mama, Daddy!"
And again it just hit me that she's OURS!
I had waited my whole life for her
and now that she's been here for almost 2 years it still astounds me
that "Mom" means ME.
I'm the one that kisses boo-boos,
does tickle fights,
wakes her up from naps and in the morning (sometimes),
who she runs to when she's upset,
who she still runs to even if I'm the one that says no.
All I've ever wanted was to be a mom.
Rory made that possible and I love almost every minute of it.
(Come on, you KNOW it's not all unicorns and rainbows
and frolicking in the meadows)
She's coming up on 2 years......
that's just incredible to me.
She's so full of life and love and energy,
and I thank her everyday for making this pregnancy a walk in the park.
While pregnant with her I was miserable.
Sick constantly, swelled within the first 6 weeks,
had anemia, etc.
This time?
I've lost 20 pounds ish (I think I may have lost more, not sure)
and NOT from being sick thus worrying the doc,
I feel fantastic most of the time,
I felt Jade kick me way earlier,
my blood work came back completely normal
(another test will happen when I do the glucose one....yuck!)
and I only have a little bit of sleep deprivation.
Overall, I say it's thanks to Rory I feel so good hahaha
Rory makes me life so fun and entertaining!
She LOVES to send videos of herself to people she loves,
Daddy especially ;)
I was dying!
She coughed and tooted at the same time,
thus the gigglefest we both had ;)
She loves to just be silly and do goofy things
Andrew's grandma made him this pillow a long time ago,
(it's a foot)
and now it's one of Rory's favorite things to bounce on hahaha
2 years old soon, people!
I'm trying to decide what to do for her birthday this year,
kinda wanna do a party but it's hot in June haha
we'll see what I feel like doing when it gets closer ;)
Suggestions though would be fabulous!


  1. She's growing so fast!!! But they all do, right?! :) And soon you'll have TWO of them!!!! haha.

  2. I can't believe it!!! It's coming up so quickly, it's just crazy.

  3. Great grandma made the "foot" pillow.

  4. So crazy how quickly she has grown! Tell our little girls to slow down! :)


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