03 April 2014

Blogging Things and Catching Up

I'm just gonna kinda throw in some more happenings
including a Blogger Meetup we had 2 weeks ago!
I know, I'm so far behind!
It was Midsummer Night's Eve themed,
complete with floral crowns and flowery dresses!
I carpooled with Allie and Hope
whom have easily become 2 of my very best friends and I'm so grateful for them
(*mushy friendship sentence over*)
And when we got there we were greeted by the lovely Chrissy
who "berated" us for being early
but then shoved us outside to pick a seat.
The tables were on the ground in the grass covered in white linen
and beautiful paper flowers in the centers.
We, of course, drank from mason jars
(we ARE bloggers after all)
and had the most delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes
and Jen who rocks my freaking socks!
Camille started the intros for all of us to share about ourselves...
I hate speaking in public about myself.
I'm pretty ok talking but about me?!
*The shudders have begun*
We funnily enough ended up having all of the pregnant women at one table
OUR table hahaha
And yes we're ALL pregnant!
Megan, Jenna (who's about to POP!), Kayla (who was our gracious hostess),
ME, Allie, and Courtney.
And now for the "Mommy blogger" picture
Complete with Jacquie feeding her baby hahaha
And just a random whoever wants to get in picture
I seriously love these girls so much!
I love the community we've created here in AZ,
just makes me smile so much knowing that I have friends ;)
And some other catch up!
Liam decided he would lounge in style while Rory took a much needed nap
at grandmas house a couple weeks ago
So manly ;)
Nick did not really approve hahaha
I don't think I can adequately express how much this girl loves her cousin.
She will constantly ask me about him,
and say "Limi buddy boy"
cuz I call him my buddy boy so therefore she does too haha
Soon as he walks in,
she's there with a kiss and a hug for her Limi ;)
Now that baby has an identity,
Rory has been talking to my belly ;)
"Good Morning baby sister"
"I love you baby Jade"
and such.
Kisses are also almost always included.
I'm not even close to worried about her becoming a big sister.
She's so loving and caring
and just wants to help all the time,
it's going to be a BLAST!
I'm now officially halfway through this pregnancy!!
I don't feel her very often
which doesn't surprise me at all
cuz I didn't feel Rory til about 23 weeks along
but now that I've been through it once I know what kicks actually feel like hahaha
so at night if I lay just right I can feel little flutters
and it just brings tears to my eyes ;)
ANOTHER baby girl!
I can't even believe my luck ;)

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  1. I'm so jealous of all the blogger meetups you guys have!

    And I'm so excited for little baby girl!!!


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