24 April 2014

Nesting/Easter/Catch Up

So I'm pretty sure my nesting instinct has kicked in full swing.
So far, I've gotten the living room to a point that's clean enough for me
to survive and feel better about my living situation hahaha
I have vacuumed,
put Rory's toys in 2 boxes (mostly) and into a corner,
I have Clorox wiped,
I have washed clothes,
I have gotten my Amazon Mom account set up,
new diaper bag ordered
(we're gonna try it out and see if I like it or not),
made TONS of plans for decorating that I want done before Jade comes,
and I have scrubbed the kitchen to practically sparkling.

That dark stuff is grease........
pretty sure the previous owners never even LOOKED up there 
let alone cleaned it haha
but since I put my snowglobes up there,
it needs to be cleaned.

This ONE part of 5 cupboard tops took me over an hour
of scrubbing and 409/Clorox wipes......
So now I'm gonna "hire" one of the YW/YM in our ward to do the job
to earn money for their summer camps haha

But here's the rest of the kitchen I did all by myself!

I'm not proud or anything ;) ;)
Ok I'm TOTALLY proud of myself for getting it all done in one morning!
I should have posted what it looked like before 
but I don't want to alarm anyone!
Just know that when Andrew cooks,
he uses EVERY pot/pan/utensil/spice/oil and all else he possibly can,
therefore my kitchen is a greasy leftover sauce mess.

Let's do a little catch up shall we?
We had a great Easter!
Saturday we went to the Mills family Easter and 
Rory discovered swings for the first time.
 Ok she had been on a swing before but HATED them,
so I'm counting this as a first time,
plus it was definitely the first time holding on by herself ;)
 She kept calling it "carpet"
cuz we had watched the Sofia the First episode that morning 
where she rides a magic carpet and meets Princess Jasmine
and therefore Rory felt like she was flying too ;)
She made a very special friend in Jacque
(one of the Mills cousins I think??
Mom/Dad correct me if I'm wrong!)
and kept begging her to fly with her haha
she also begged food from her.....
little moocher.

Sunday we had a great day at church!

My class was a little crazy
but those girls I teach have the brightest minds
and have the craziest questions!
But like really smart questions too.
Things I'd never thought to ask haha
Seriously so smart!
I have to ask my grandpa for the answers so I can give them correct info ;)
That night we took a whole family picture.
My mom is an only child so we are the only grandkids
 and it's kinda cool to have the ENITRE family in one room
and not be crammed ;)

Ain't we so cute?
Rory was NOT in the mood for pictures at all,
she just wanted to play with her Uncle Trevor haha
This picture is funny cuz we pretty much ALWAYS
sit like this when it's the three of us.
Me in the middle and Trev is ALWAYS on my right,
with Nick on the left (duh)
but it's comical cuz we don't plan this like ever but we ALWAYS do it haha
Love my bros ;)

We enjoyed our time with our families for Easter,
and I look forward to it every year ;)
Also, slightly random but exciting:
Jade has been making her presence known SOOO much!
She moves constantly but so far only I can feel her :(
I tried holding Andrew's hand to where she was doing somersaults 
and he felt nothing,
same with Rory BUT soon enough they'll feel her just fine ;)
Rory already loves her little sister.
She talks to her and kisses her and says 
"Can't wait to mee you in summah!"
Ahhh can't wait! ;)

22 April 2014

Photography Hill photos!

Back in October
the amazing Lydia of Photography Hill (blog) took some family photos for us
and I LOVED how they turned out!

I'm seriously sooo happy with how they turned out!
Especially since Rory was a royal pain at our first appointment
and Lydia was awesome and offered a second try,
for which I blessed her profusely!
Lydia captured Rory's sparkle perfectly!
And look at her EYES!!
I mean Andrew and I look ok too but I was soo happy how wonderfully
she was able to capture Rory's personality ;)
Thank you Lydia for being an amazing photographer!

16 April 2014

My Aurora Girl

I'm having a hard time believing my baby
will be turning 2 in just a couple months!
I mean, seriously?!
I swear I JUST had her!
(I swear I WAS really happy! Just tired haha)
And now she's this wonderful, sweet, crazy, slightly hot-tempered little person.
A full on human that can walk and talk
and it's wigging me out!

I HAD to include a funny sleeping one haha
she's hilarious in her sleeping positions!
Sometimes I find myself thinking
"I'm her MOM! Holy cow!"
It just hits me,
and then usually she hits me with her hand saying,
"Mama!! iPad??"
Hahahaha we got her a LeapPad thingy for her birthday
but I've been hiding it cuz the batteries die oober fast
and I want her to play with TOYS and not just the tech ;)
We were driving somewhere altogether
(it's a big deal, we usually have to take two cars whenever we go anywhere)
and she's calling "Mama, Daddy!"
And again it just hit me that she's OURS!
I had waited my whole life for her
and now that she's been here for almost 2 years it still astounds me
that "Mom" means ME.
I'm the one that kisses boo-boos,
does tickle fights,
wakes her up from naps and in the morning (sometimes),
who she runs to when she's upset,
who she still runs to even if I'm the one that says no.
All I've ever wanted was to be a mom.
Rory made that possible and I love almost every minute of it.
(Come on, you KNOW it's not all unicorns and rainbows
and frolicking in the meadows)
She's coming up on 2 years......
that's just incredible to me.
She's so full of life and love and energy,
and I thank her everyday for making this pregnancy a walk in the park.
While pregnant with her I was miserable.
Sick constantly, swelled within the first 6 weeks,
had anemia, etc.
This time?
I've lost 20 pounds ish (I think I may have lost more, not sure)
and NOT from being sick thus worrying the doc,
I feel fantastic most of the time,
I felt Jade kick me way earlier,
my blood work came back completely normal
(another test will happen when I do the glucose one....yuck!)
and I only have a little bit of sleep deprivation.
Overall, I say it's thanks to Rory I feel so good hahaha
Rory makes me life so fun and entertaining!
She LOVES to send videos of herself to people she loves,
Daddy especially ;)
I was dying!
She coughed and tooted at the same time,
thus the gigglefest we both had ;)
She loves to just be silly and do goofy things
Andrew's grandma made him this pillow a long time ago,
(it's a foot)
and now it's one of Rory's favorite things to bounce on hahaha
2 years old soon, people!
I'm trying to decide what to do for her birthday this year,
kinda wanna do a party but it's hot in June haha
we'll see what I feel like doing when it gets closer ;)
Suggestions though would be fabulous!

12 April 2014


Oh Saturday,
the day you're supposed to do all your chores,
relax, yard work, etc.
And what am I doing today?
Absolutely nothing whatsoever hahaha
Andrew's out with a bunch of dudes playing video games all day
(it's good for him, he doesn't get to do this often)
so Rory and I are being lazy.
Playing in her kitchen and watching movies all day ;)
And I'm planning on taking a nap when she does!

Ok slightly random anecdote,
I've had a couple questions about "bump pictures" and such this time around.
Well, I keep losing weight,
(20 pounds down already! WHOA! Don't worry, my dr says it's fine)
but I still am in the "I just look fat" phase
in the pregnancy so I'm gonna wait a little longer before I do a bump picture.
I didn't really take any of Rory until about 30 weeks,
(with a couple exceptions just for my personal accounts)
so I feel perfectly fine waiting to post any of baby Jade hahaha
I MAY post one after my appointment at the end of the month
but I want to look pregnant, not just chunky hahaha
Last weekend was General Conference and we had some family
over for cinnamon rolls and then my mom made lunch for us too!
It was a very fun day and Rory really enjoyed having her grandparents
and her uncle and aunt and cousin over ;)

I don't have many pictures of Andrew and Liam together
so this was so awesome to get them both looking happy,
Liam then decided to spit all over Uncle Andrew ;) 
It was glorious hahaha
I also went through all the baby clothes this week 
and got all the 0-6 months clothes out
and I may have already picked the outfits for the hospital....
I'm trying to get as prepared as possible right now since we left it to last minute
last time with Rory hahaha
This week will be the fabric picking for baby blankets and hopefully some curtains
for our big sliding glass door that has like 8 blinds missing,
so it needs something to block the light out. ;)
Have a happy Saturday all!

03 April 2014

Blogging Things and Catching Up

I'm just gonna kinda throw in some more happenings
including a Blogger Meetup we had 2 weeks ago!
I know, I'm so far behind!
It was Midsummer Night's Eve themed,
complete with floral crowns and flowery dresses!
I carpooled with Allie and Hope
whom have easily become 2 of my very best friends and I'm so grateful for them
(*mushy friendship sentence over*)
And when we got there we were greeted by the lovely Chrissy
who "berated" us for being early
but then shoved us outside to pick a seat.
The tables were on the ground in the grass covered in white linen
and beautiful paper flowers in the centers.
We, of course, drank from mason jars
(we ARE bloggers after all)
and had the most delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes
and Jen who rocks my freaking socks!
Camille started the intros for all of us to share about ourselves...
I hate speaking in public about myself.
I'm pretty ok talking but about me?!
*The shudders have begun*
We funnily enough ended up having all of the pregnant women at one table
OUR table hahaha
And yes we're ALL pregnant!
Megan, Jenna (who's about to POP!), Kayla (who was our gracious hostess),
ME, Allie, and Courtney.
And now for the "Mommy blogger" picture
Complete with Jacquie feeding her baby hahaha
And just a random whoever wants to get in picture
I seriously love these girls so much!
I love the community we've created here in AZ,
just makes me smile so much knowing that I have friends ;)
And some other catch up!
Liam decided he would lounge in style while Rory took a much needed nap
at grandmas house a couple weeks ago
So manly ;)
Nick did not really approve hahaha
I don't think I can adequately express how much this girl loves her cousin.
She will constantly ask me about him,
and say "Limi buddy boy"
cuz I call him my buddy boy so therefore she does too haha
Soon as he walks in,
she's there with a kiss and a hug for her Limi ;)
Now that baby has an identity,
Rory has been talking to my belly ;)
"Good Morning baby sister"
"I love you baby Jade"
and such.
Kisses are also almost always included.
I'm not even close to worried about her becoming a big sister.
She's so loving and caring
and just wants to help all the time,
it's going to be a BLAST!
I'm now officially halfway through this pregnancy!!
I don't feel her very often
which doesn't surprise me at all
cuz I didn't feel Rory til about 23 weeks along
but now that I've been through it once I know what kicks actually feel like hahaha
so at night if I lay just right I can feel little flutters
and it just brings tears to my eyes ;)
ANOTHER baby girl!
I can't even believe my luck ;)