21 March 2014

Tiny Prints!

Ok so like forever ago,
I got an email from Tiny Prints featuring birth announcements,
so I decided to give it a look ;)
Then I saw they do pregnancy announcements too!
Well, I HAD to look around for sure now ;)
I picked a design that I loved but I forgot that the picture we took
was vertical not horizontal hahaha
So that design did not work,
but I'm thinking I'll save it for baby's actual birth announcement ;)
I ended up picking this card
And I love it!
It's perfectly gender neutral,
I was able to customize all the words,
and they even offer professional stylists to review your card for you
and they will help you fix it if you want them to.
I received them in the mail
(WITH envelopes included) not even a week later
and I was SO impressed with the quality!
The paper is sturdy but not bulky.
I loved the rounded corners,
and you can choose other borders as well for only a few cents more!
I was so pleased with how this worked out
and I'm planning on using Tiny Prints for any and all announcements/
party invites/photo cards, etc from now on!
It's also a partner company of Shutterfly,
so how could we possibly go wrong?! ;)
I just wanted to let you all in on the awesomeness that is Tiny Prints ;)

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