31 March 2014


Just some entertainment for your Monday ;)

And now that we know we're having another princess in August,
I've been planning all sorts of things for our Disney trip hahaha
I know, priorities right?

I already have 2 costumes for Rory,
so little sister is gonna need at least one right?!

I mean,
I could DIE!
Plus this will double as her Halloween costume
of course!
Rory is going to be Aurora one of the days we're there (DUH!)
and then she picked Rapunzel another day 
and then I think the thrid day we'll either see if I can find a cheap one
or they'll just wear their matching blinged out sister shirts I'm having made
heeheeheehee ;)

Andrew is clearly excited we're having another sweet lady

Jade was the name he chose before we were even engaged!
We had talked about kids names
and he said he loved "Jade" and I think it's awesome!
We have a princess and now we'll have our precious gem ;)

Rory has decided that the ottoman is her personal stage.

I die!
(I also apologize for the darkness.....I'm bad with getting good lighting
and Rory continuing to do the cuteness hahaha)
She's so funny and keeps us entertained day in and day out.
She now will say hi to "baby Jade" in Mommy's tummy
and gives her kisses.
I can't wait til Jade starts moving around and Rory can feel her,
that'll be a crazy experience I'm sure hahaha

Hope she helps put a smile on your face on this Monday ;)

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