17 March 2014

Current Events

Ok so some happenins:

Rory has fallen even more in love with her cousin Liam.
I mean seriously, this girl LOVES him ;)
When Emily and Liam get to GG's house on Wednesdays,
she throws her face into his in the carseat to kiss him!
Melts my heart!
And she loves to "hold" him,
he's still not so sure about her but she knows she loves him hahaha
I mean, seriously!
She is going to be the BEST big sister in the world.
I honestly can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees
her baby brother or sister and realizes we get to keep them ;)

On Friday I wanted a date.
So Andrew said "Where do you wanna go?"
I jokingly said "Olive Garden" cuz it's my favorite
and he said "ok let's go then."
But we didn't have time to get a sitter,
which was fine with us so we took our little Rory with us ;)
She and I got all dressed up for Daddy to take us out on the town haha

Despite her face, she really was happy to go out to dinner hahaha
We did the Cucina Mia special which is 
soup or salad,
pick your pasta combo,
and dessert for $9.99!

Andrew also surprised me with a very early Mother's Day gift
of a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag that I've been coveting for 4 years!
It went on sale
(still expensive but not as bad haha)
and I again jokingly said "hey it's on sale and I'd get free shipping"
He said "Go ahead and get it. Happy early Mother's Day"
I cried and jumped up and down a bit hahaha

That's the print of the bag.
I was going to ask for a new diaper bag,
but now I'm just gonna fix the one we currently have and it'll be just fine
for our two kiddos.
I'm seriously so blessed to have Andrew in my life.
He's my best friend and knows me so well. 
This coming weekend we have the Blogger Meetup 
that I'm DYING to go to!
I love all these amazing women and I count them among my friends,
AND it's Midsummer Night's Dream themed.
Floral crowns and all ;)
Look forward to pictures!


  1. I'm so jealous that you guys have all these awesome blogger meetups! And Rory just looked absolutely THRILLED to go out on the town. LOL!

  2. That is a GOOD deal from Olive Garden!! I had no idea about that special! Now I want to go!
    LOVE your cute bag! He really is the best husband :)
    And so bummed we didn't get to meet up! Too bad I'm not there this weekend ;) Next time we go to AZ we are definitely meeting!


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