11 March 2014

Big Girl!

Alright so remember that we bought a big girl bed??
We had to wait for sheets before she could sleep in it though of course
and Grandma Bowler bought her some lovely Princess sheets ;)
That of course she LOVES
(if you follow me on IG sorry for the repeat pictures haha)
I wasn't completely ready though til Friday night to have her sleep in the bed all night long
but she did nap on it Thursday and Friday ;)
And I was a complete wreck all night on Friday haha
I barely slept a wink but Rory did haha
She woke up once from 5-6:30 in the morning then she fell about 5 minutes after that
but then she fell asleep and didn't wake up til 10!
When she fell, Andrew went in and she was trying to get back up
onto the bed groggily and she looked at him and said "wha happen?" Hahaha
So funny!
And here for your entertainment purposes,
the positions of Rory:
This is how it starts,
prettily laying there all perfect looking
And this is usually how it ends haha
We've been keeping her door slightly open in the morning so she can come in 
and wake us/me up in the morning ;)
It's become my new favorite thing to hear
"Good Morning!"
from my little princess ;)
So overall, it's been a super easy transition,
which just means the next kid is gonna be oober difficult right?
Hahaha I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts ;)
Also, Rory turns 2 in 3 months!

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