24 March 2014

Baby #2!

So I'm now 18 1/2 weeks along in this second pregnancy
and it's flown/gone so slow!
Kinda like my first one haha
BUT this Friday we get to find out who's coming!!
I'll be 19 weeks along too so gender SHOULDN'T have any change!
I've been dying to know!
Even more than with Rory 
I think cuz it didn't really matter who was coming first hahaha
Not that it hugely matters who's coming next either.
Ugh I'm messing this up!
Hahaha ok le'me'splain:

I would LOVE another girl!
I never got a sister and I've always wanted to have two girls in a row
so they could be besties.
Plus I have all the gear and such necessary for a girly girl ;)

I would LOVE a boy!
Then I'll have one of each!
Plus then I can buy all kinds of new clothes for him
(I'm clearly obsessed with Goodwill's half off Saturday guys,
it's only a slight problem).

Either way I am going to be one happy mama
to have two little ones to love and raise!
I'm also gonna be slightly overwhelmed
cuz I know Karma will catch up with me with this one since Rory was SOOO easy!
I mean seriously.
Other than some sleeping issues for awhile,
she's been a breeze hahaha

So get your guesses in now and I'll announce it 
after the appointment on Friday!
If you don't already, follow me on IG for a faster announcement


  1. I'm almost always wrong, but my guess is BOY! I totally get your feelings about wanting a certain gender. I felt very mixed with my second pregnancy too!

  2. I'm going to guess GIRL since it seems like almost everyone having babies right now is having girls! Can't wait to hear your news :)

  3. Girl girl girl!! Or... Boy boy boy!!! Either way it will be perfect!

    1. So exciting!! My husband wants a boy next so bad, well he wanted a boy to begin with but he is wrapped around Klara's little finger. So I'd hope for a boy for his sake, but I totally get having a sister close in age. Excited for you!!

  4. Awww yeaahhhh Goodwill baby!!

    Also, sticking with my guns and calling a girl ;)


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