31 March 2014


Just some entertainment for your Monday ;)

And now that we know we're having another princess in August,
I've been planning all sorts of things for our Disney trip hahaha
I know, priorities right?

I already have 2 costumes for Rory,
so little sister is gonna need at least one right?!

I mean,
I could DIE!
Plus this will double as her Halloween costume
of course!
Rory is going to be Aurora one of the days we're there (DUH!)
and then she picked Rapunzel another day 
and then I think the thrid day we'll either see if I can find a cheap one
or they'll just wear their matching blinged out sister shirts I'm having made
heeheeheehee ;)

Andrew is clearly excited we're having another sweet lady

Jade was the name he chose before we were even engaged!
We had talked about kids names
and he said he loved "Jade" and I think it's awesome!
We have a princess and now we'll have our precious gem ;)

Rory has decided that the ottoman is her personal stage.

I die!
(I also apologize for the darkness.....I'm bad with getting good lighting
and Rory continuing to do the cuteness hahaha)
She's so funny and keeps us entertained day in and day out.
She now will say hi to "baby Jade" in Mommy's tummy
and gives her kisses.
I can't wait til Jade starts moving around and Rory can feel her,
that'll be a crazy experience I'm sure hahaha

Hope she helps put a smile on your face on this Monday ;)

28 March 2014

It's a........

I'll let Rory tell you ;)
We're thrilled for Jade Sara(h) to come!! 
Coming August!

24 March 2014

Baby #2!

So I'm now 18 1/2 weeks along in this second pregnancy
and it's flown/gone so slow!
Kinda like my first one haha
BUT this Friday we get to find out who's coming!!
I'll be 19 weeks along too so gender SHOULDN'T have any change!
I've been dying to know!
Even more than with Rory 
I think cuz it didn't really matter who was coming first hahaha
Not that it hugely matters who's coming next either.
Ugh I'm messing this up!
Hahaha ok le'me'splain:

I would LOVE another girl!
I never got a sister and I've always wanted to have two girls in a row
so they could be besties.
Plus I have all the gear and such necessary for a girly girl ;)

I would LOVE a boy!
Then I'll have one of each!
Plus then I can buy all kinds of new clothes for him
(I'm clearly obsessed with Goodwill's half off Saturday guys,
it's only a slight problem).

Either way I am going to be one happy mama
to have two little ones to love and raise!
I'm also gonna be slightly overwhelmed
cuz I know Karma will catch up with me with this one since Rory was SOOO easy!
I mean seriously.
Other than some sleeping issues for awhile,
she's been a breeze hahaha

So get your guesses in now and I'll announce it 
after the appointment on Friday!
If you don't already, follow me on IG for a faster announcement

21 March 2014

Tiny Prints!

Ok so like forever ago,
I got an email from Tiny Prints featuring birth announcements,
so I decided to give it a look ;)
Then I saw they do pregnancy announcements too!
Well, I HAD to look around for sure now ;)
I picked a design that I loved but I forgot that the picture we took
was vertical not horizontal hahaha
So that design did not work,
but I'm thinking I'll save it for baby's actual birth announcement ;)
I ended up picking this card
And I love it!
It's perfectly gender neutral,
I was able to customize all the words,
and they even offer professional stylists to review your card for you
and they will help you fix it if you want them to.
I received them in the mail
(WITH envelopes included) not even a week later
and I was SO impressed with the quality!
The paper is sturdy but not bulky.
I loved the rounded corners,
and you can choose other borders as well for only a few cents more!
I was so pleased with how this worked out
and I'm planning on using Tiny Prints for any and all announcements/
party invites/photo cards, etc from now on!
It's also a partner company of Shutterfly,
so how could we possibly go wrong?! ;)
I just wanted to let you all in on the awesomeness that is Tiny Prints ;)

17 March 2014

Current Events

Ok so some happenins:

Rory has fallen even more in love with her cousin Liam.
I mean seriously, this girl LOVES him ;)
When Emily and Liam get to GG's house on Wednesdays,
she throws her face into his in the carseat to kiss him!
Melts my heart!
And she loves to "hold" him,
he's still not so sure about her but she knows she loves him hahaha
I mean, seriously!
She is going to be the BEST big sister in the world.
I honestly can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees
her baby brother or sister and realizes we get to keep them ;)

On Friday I wanted a date.
So Andrew said "Where do you wanna go?"
I jokingly said "Olive Garden" cuz it's my favorite
and he said "ok let's go then."
But we didn't have time to get a sitter,
which was fine with us so we took our little Rory with us ;)
She and I got all dressed up for Daddy to take us out on the town haha

Despite her face, she really was happy to go out to dinner hahaha
We did the Cucina Mia special which is 
soup or salad,
pick your pasta combo,
and dessert for $9.99!

Andrew also surprised me with a very early Mother's Day gift
of a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag that I've been coveting for 4 years!
It went on sale
(still expensive but not as bad haha)
and I again jokingly said "hey it's on sale and I'd get free shipping"
He said "Go ahead and get it. Happy early Mother's Day"
I cried and jumped up and down a bit hahaha

That's the print of the bag.
I was going to ask for a new diaper bag,
but now I'm just gonna fix the one we currently have and it'll be just fine
for our two kiddos.
I'm seriously so blessed to have Andrew in my life.
He's my best friend and knows me so well. 
This coming weekend we have the Blogger Meetup 
that I'm DYING to go to!
I love all these amazing women and I count them among my friends,
AND it's Midsummer Night's Dream themed.
Floral crowns and all ;)
Look forward to pictures!

11 March 2014

Big Girl!

Alright so remember that we bought a big girl bed??
We had to wait for sheets before she could sleep in it though of course
and Grandma Bowler bought her some lovely Princess sheets ;)
That of course she LOVES
(if you follow me on IG sorry for the repeat pictures haha)
I wasn't completely ready though til Friday night to have her sleep in the bed all night long
but she did nap on it Thursday and Friday ;)
And I was a complete wreck all night on Friday haha
I barely slept a wink but Rory did haha
She woke up once from 5-6:30 in the morning then she fell about 5 minutes after that
but then she fell asleep and didn't wake up til 10!
When she fell, Andrew went in and she was trying to get back up
onto the bed groggily and she looked at him and said "wha happen?" Hahaha
So funny!
And here for your entertainment purposes,
the positions of Rory:
This is how it starts,
prettily laying there all perfect looking
And this is usually how it ends haha
We've been keeping her door slightly open in the morning so she can come in 
and wake us/me up in the morning ;)
It's become my new favorite thing to hear
"Good Morning!"
from my little princess ;)
So overall, it's been a super easy transition,
which just means the next kid is gonna be oober difficult right?
Hahaha I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts ;)
Also, Rory turns 2 in 3 months!

10 March 2014

Mother of all Flu Bugs

Alright so this poor blog has been neglected yet again,
this time though I promise I had a legit excuse!

Guys I had the mother of all flu bugs!
I mean it people,
I have NEVER been so sick in my life!
It was the worst 4 days ever.....
I started Friday off on a really good note:
went to my appt and heard baby's heart,
got my lab results and no anemia this time
(yay for no iron pills!),
got a goody bag from the dr that included my approved medicine list
coupons and formula!
And baby is doing great, Dr Tutt thinks I'm doing great even though I lost 4 lbs,
he's ok with it since I'm a bit um chunky shall we say ;)
Then I took water bottles and Gatorade to my parents that had the plague,
(my grandparents had it too)
I didn't even go near them or inside the house guys and I still got it!
But I was fine until we were about to leave for my youngest brother's concert
when I started feeling strange.
And at first it felt just like heartburn so Andrew grabbed me some Tums and water
but it never subsided so we had to leave at intermission
and I threw up at 2 different gas stations on the way home.....
got home, Andrew took the sitter home,
and I continued to empty my already mostly empty stomach.
Rory was very concerned, it was sweet actually.
Andrew was rubbing my back at one point and she was rubbing my arm during one episode.
I thanked them then promptly kicked them out haha
THANKFULLY neither one of them has gotten sick
so I'm praising heaven for that.
But because of all the sickness I missed the Gilbert Temple Dedication 
which just broke my heart.
BUT I'm looking forward to going and attending a session in the temple sometime soon ;)

Luckily we're all over the sickness that happened,
and haven't spread it to anyone that we know of which we think is good.
On Tuesday I begged Andrew to take me and Rory to the store
for some produce and some things we could make quickly
for snacks/meals.
He reluctantly said yes. 
He likes to just come home and crash after work but I'd been under house arrest since Friday,
I needed to get out!
So we bought over $100 worth of produce/food
(we hadn't really done a big grocery run in a long time haha
I always send Andrew to just grab a few things every now and then)
and saved over $100! 
Go Fry's VIP savings!
And we've had such good stuff for snacks and dinner ;)

Andrew is seriously my knight in shining armor.
I mean, this man will do ANYTHING for his family.
He is so willing, dependable, supportive, and has a great sense of humor that helps so much!
While I was sick, he took care of everything and then some.
I didn't have to worry about Rory being fed, bathed, or having fun
cuz she LOVES her daddy with all her little heart.
They have the greatest relationship,
it makes my heart so happy when she runs to him
when he comes home.
Or when I say no to her, she'll run to him.
He always supports me in decisions I make,
and he's the perfect partner for this crazy thing called Parenthood.
I couldn't imagine doing this with any other person.
He's my rock and Rory and I both love him sooo much!

So that's a bit of catch up for now!
A new post should be up tomorrow too!