11 February 2014


I feel like such a bad blogger hahaha
First I don't tell you the big news,
then I DO tell the big news and I disappear for awhile haha
Sorry guys!!
I promise to try and be better about that ;)
Really though,
there hasn't been much going on around here.
I'm plugging through this pregnancy,
which thankfully has been OODLES better than Rory's was!
With Rory,
as some of you may recall,
I was sick for almost 25 straight weeks!
Now I attribute that to being in a classroom of kindergartners
 that never washed their hands,
and germs galore!
And as you know, pregnancy takes all your immunity away.
And this time?
I get to be home with my gorgeous and crazy baby girl
that thankfully doesn't get sick often at all ;)
Rory doesn't fully grasp the whole baby thing yet hahaha
but I don't really expect her to.
When I'm waddling around at like 38 weeks then maybe I'll hope she gets it
but all she knows is that I keep telling her there's a baby in my tummy
and she kisses it and says
"I luf you baby"
and my heart melts!
She also knows all of her colors!
NO joke!
You can quiz her and 8/10 times she'll get it right the first time
(white, purple, pink tend to trip her up a little).
She is the BEST helper.
She will bring me things when I ask,
help me with the dishes and getting the laundry ;)
She LOVES helping,
and will get very slightly upset if I don't let her hahaha
And here are some cute pictures of said child
cuz what post would be complete without a Rory picture?!

 Oh! I almost forgot about the Crafty Pants Party
I went to on Saturday!
You may recall the last one
and how well that went.... :/
Well I've officially been redeemed by all!
I made this beauty!

And all these lovely ladies were there
(I was lame and forgot my camera.......so I stole this from someone's IG haha)
They always know how to make me blush and giggle
and feel really silly but in a fun way ;)
Thank you Chrissy again for hosting!
I'll probably do another post about it when I can steal more pictures from her haha
So now, this is it hahaha
I'm hoping for something exciting maybe later this week to happen?
I dunno ;)
Welcome to my "boring life as a mom"!


  1. "Something exciting" as in partying like a rockstar at my house, whoop whoop!

    (And by 'rockstar' I mean Disney, pj's, crafting, and junk food kind of rockstar. We cool.)

  2. AHHH!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!! I want a video of her saying I love baby. Mostly because her baby talk is like, the cutest thing I've ever heard. I LOVE the videos you post of her talking. It's adorable.


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