05 February 2014

How We Found Out ;)

Thank you to everyone for the kind words,
emails and texts about our new little bundle coming soon!

Just so everyone is aware, I wrote this blog post RIGHT after
I got the positive test hahaha

So we found out on Christmas Eve
that we were expecting again ;)

Rory will be a big sister!
I'll be a mother of 2!
Andrew is gonna be a dad again!
Let's just say that it was overwhelming at least hahaha

We weren't going to tell anyone yet,
but how could I not tell my family when 
they were all coming over for Christmas Eve dinner?

Andrew was hesitant only cuz he wanted to surprise them
in a super fun way and we hadn't thought of it yet hahaha
We went through dinner trying to think of something,
we were both so excited to share it!

Then I ran into the "office" to make a quick little paper
for GG and grandma to open from Rory ;)

It wasn't as special as we wanted,
but let me tell you,
it did the trick ;)

I made sure my parents and grandparents were
next to each other and opened the gifts at the same time ;)
I really wish I had thought to video the reactions,
but let's just say that tears were shed,
and exclamations of joy happened too ;)

My poor brothers and SIL were like
"What is it???"
So my mom read it aloud and more tears were shed,
and hugs were had all around ;)
So far now my parents will have had a grandchild born every year since 2012!
After 2014,
I'm passing the gauntlet to Nick and Emily hahaha

So there you have it!
We have another sweet babe on the way!
I'm still a bit overwhelmed,
but I am happy I get to be a mother again ;)

** Forgot to mention, we told my in-laws via FB
(with a picture of the paper)
 cuz they were on
their Christmas cruise to Panama!!
But they were excited too!!
MY BAD!! **


  1. What a fun way to announce your pregnancy!

  2. Yay! Super cute way to tell your parents! I'm so excited that so much of the blog world is pregnant all together this year :)

  3. Well, you know how excited I am for you.... so I'm just going to smile.

  4. For the record - Grandma and Grandpa Mills were also elated to get this message on December 26th while they were traveling and checked their messages in Antigua, Guatemala!! Aurora will be a great big sister! Congratulations to Andrew and Ali ! ! !


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