27 February 2014

Baby Wishlist

So now that we have a second bundle of joy coming,
I'm re-looking all things baby!
Which is crazy to think that I'll have another kid so small!
Thank goodness Liam was born in December so I got a little more experience
with a newborn again,
cuz I'm a little nervous that I'll forget everything hahaha

But I digress!
I signed up for Amazon Mom and did a registry there
(for a chance to win a $500 gift card)
and it keeps telling me it's not complete cuz I haven't added all the furniture 
and such cuz we already have it hahaha
BUT Amazon Mom is a great idea for moms that want good deals
on diapers and wipes and other household items.
It's all the benefits of a Prime membership
including the free 2 day shipping and only $79 a year!
And you can subscribe to a plan for diaper delivery and such ;)
Just throwing it out there for you mamas looking for something fun!
So as I'm looking through everything,
I've found a couple things I'd like for this second babe.
Like this insert for my Ergo:
I have my carrier already but when I bought it,
Rory was 7 months old so we didn't need the infant part.
Well, we're going to Disneyland in October
and this babe will maybe be like a month and a half old 
so I NEED the insert for the trip haha
I think I've found the double stroller I like the most!
The only thing is I'm not sure if my infant car seat will fit in it cuz it's a different brand.
So we may be needing to buy another carseat haha
We're gonna test our seat first though of course!
I'm not super crazy!
This one is definitely a WANT and not a need at all hahaha
With Rory we have a regular sound monitor,
which works great and I love!
But sometimes it'd be nice to SEE if she's really awake or just making noise,
and with two being in the same room
it would ease my mind a little to see them ;)
(I honestly don't even know if this is the best one or whatnot,
but I liked the idea of it hahaha)
And what mom doesn't love to pick new diaper bags?!
Plus mine are falling apart haha
This one is also a WANT not a NEED hahaha
I would never spend over $100 on a diaper bag unless it was indestructible
and water-proof, baby proof, and could fly hahaha
But it IS pretty to look at ;)
We did get Rory a big girl bed this week too!!

And she approves!
Sheets to come later from Grandma hahaha ;)
Moms of multiple kids, 
what's your best product that you didn't have for the first one that has saved you??


  1. Funny enough I was looking at that same stroller just a couple days ago! I also might need the Ergo newborn insert...

  2. Noise canceling headphones. Haha, jk. I don't have any. But sometimes I wish I did.

  3. Yay for a big girl bed! Does the seat in the stroller recline? Because I've been reading so many stories about babies dying from being left in their car seats too long. Sorry, I'm a paranoid mama! I'm so excited for round #2 for you. I actually bought several things for Levi that I didn't for Jed just bc we were students when we had Jed. I love love love sleep sacks. And I love my by hand baby food grinder. I was also given a swing, but I think a bouncer works just as well. You're an old veteran at this mama gigue. You're going to rock it! (Literally and figuratively. Haha)

  4. lol I'm awful - we totally don't have a monitor at all for Elsie. Oops! I really feel like we need to try the ergo out - you make it sound so amazing! And now that Elsie is getting heavy, the other carriers are starting to sort of hurt my back. I could also just be a wuss, though!


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