21 February 2014

A mish mash of crazy.

Prepare yourselves for the craziness that is my head!!
I've been staring at the screen for over an hour
trying to think of something fun to talk about,
or even just SOMETHING to talk about hahaha

I could tell you how sweet/terrible Rory has been the past few days,
(terrible twos anyone?)
how sometimes I forget I'm pregnant cuz I'm not constantly nauseous
like last time,
how I'm extremely happy and nervous about baby #2,
how there's so much to do for new babies that I forgot about,
how now I have to look at double strollers/twin beds/new storage
for the kids' room,
how I'm dying to know who's coming and I still have like 2 months to wait!
How I'm already planning our October Disneyland trip
(costumes may have been purchased/planned already heehee),
how I wish we could take more vacations,
etc etc.

How was that for a peek into my jumbled crazy mind?
Scary isn't it hahaha

On a different note,
I got new "business" cards,
mostly for blogger meetups and such cuz I never have them
so I got these made up!
I'm like a real blogger now ;)

I also got my new Influenster VoxBox
that I will hopefully be able to blog about soon
(there's a lot I need to try in there hahaha)

Again, switching gears;
For years my heels have been cracked and just plain nasty.
They would catch on the carpet,
and hurt like crazy.
So Andrew had me go on Amazon and get some things to help fix my heels ;)
The first time I tried the Epsom salt bath and pumice stone
there was an immediate difference,
then I put this cream on my heels
and it made ALL the difference and my feet look and feel a million times better!

So back to the whole baby business,
who's got a favorite double stroller or big kid bed to recommend????


  1. LOL! Following this post was like trying to get through my own thoughts, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who bounces from thought to thought. :)

    And I'm so excited for baby #2. Seriously!!! YAY BABIESSSSSSSS!!!

  2. Buying that for my husband right now!

  3. I must admit that I'm a total stroller snob now that we've purchased the BOB so I'll be getting that in a double when the time comes. BUT I go running a lot so it's been worth every penny! You can get it cheapest on Amazon plus free shipping!
    I wish we could take more vacations, too! Like one a month? That seems fair!
    I'm so nervous to get pregnant again because I wasn't nauseous ever with Mia, unless I went too long without eating. I don't know what I'll do if I have sickness with my next one... on top of having to take care of a toddler!


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