27 February 2014

Baby Wishlist

So now that we have a second bundle of joy coming,
I'm re-looking all things baby!
Which is crazy to think that I'll have another kid so small!
Thank goodness Liam was born in December so I got a little more experience
with a newborn again,
cuz I'm a little nervous that I'll forget everything hahaha

But I digress!
I signed up for Amazon Mom and did a registry there
(for a chance to win a $500 gift card)
and it keeps telling me it's not complete cuz I haven't added all the furniture 
and such cuz we already have it hahaha
BUT Amazon Mom is a great idea for moms that want good deals
on diapers and wipes and other household items.
It's all the benefits of a Prime membership
including the free 2 day shipping and only $79 a year!
And you can subscribe to a plan for diaper delivery and such ;)
Just throwing it out there for you mamas looking for something fun!
So as I'm looking through everything,
I've found a couple things I'd like for this second babe.
Like this insert for my Ergo:
I have my carrier already but when I bought it,
Rory was 7 months old so we didn't need the infant part.
Well, we're going to Disneyland in October
and this babe will maybe be like a month and a half old 
so I NEED the insert for the trip haha
I think I've found the double stroller I like the most!
The only thing is I'm not sure if my infant car seat will fit in it cuz it's a different brand.
So we may be needing to buy another carseat haha
We're gonna test our seat first though of course!
I'm not super crazy!
This one is definitely a WANT and not a need at all hahaha
With Rory we have a regular sound monitor,
which works great and I love!
But sometimes it'd be nice to SEE if she's really awake or just making noise,
and with two being in the same room
it would ease my mind a little to see them ;)
(I honestly don't even know if this is the best one or whatnot,
but I liked the idea of it hahaha)
And what mom doesn't love to pick new diaper bags?!
Plus mine are falling apart haha
This one is also a WANT not a NEED hahaha
I would never spend over $100 on a diaper bag unless it was indestructible
and water-proof, baby proof, and could fly hahaha
But it IS pretty to look at ;)
We did get Rory a big girl bed this week too!!

And she approves!
Sheets to come later from Grandma hahaha ;)
Moms of multiple kids, 
what's your best product that you didn't have for the first one that has saved you??

21 February 2014

A mish mash of crazy.

Prepare yourselves for the craziness that is my head!!
I've been staring at the screen for over an hour
trying to think of something fun to talk about,
or even just SOMETHING to talk about hahaha

I could tell you how sweet/terrible Rory has been the past few days,
(terrible twos anyone?)
how sometimes I forget I'm pregnant cuz I'm not constantly nauseous
like last time,
how I'm extremely happy and nervous about baby #2,
how there's so much to do for new babies that I forgot about,
how now I have to look at double strollers/twin beds/new storage
for the kids' room,
how I'm dying to know who's coming and I still have like 2 months to wait!
How I'm already planning our October Disneyland trip
(costumes may have been purchased/planned already heehee),
how I wish we could take more vacations,
etc etc.

How was that for a peek into my jumbled crazy mind?
Scary isn't it hahaha

On a different note,
I got new "business" cards,
mostly for blogger meetups and such cuz I never have them
so I got these made up!
I'm like a real blogger now ;)

I also got my new Influenster VoxBox
that I will hopefully be able to blog about soon
(there's a lot I need to try in there hahaha)

Again, switching gears;
For years my heels have been cracked and just plain nasty.
They would catch on the carpet,
and hurt like crazy.
So Andrew had me go on Amazon and get some things to help fix my heels ;)
The first time I tried the Epsom salt bath and pumice stone
there was an immediate difference,
then I put this cream on my heels
and it made ALL the difference and my feet look and feel a million times better!

So back to the whole baby business,
who's got a favorite double stroller or big kid bed to recommend????

11 February 2014


I feel like such a bad blogger hahaha
First I don't tell you the big news,
then I DO tell the big news and I disappear for awhile haha
Sorry guys!!
I promise to try and be better about that ;)
Really though,
there hasn't been much going on around here.
I'm plugging through this pregnancy,
which thankfully has been OODLES better than Rory's was!
With Rory,
as some of you may recall,
I was sick for almost 25 straight weeks!
Now I attribute that to being in a classroom of kindergartners
 that never washed their hands,
and germs galore!
And as you know, pregnancy takes all your immunity away.
And this time?
I get to be home with my gorgeous and crazy baby girl
that thankfully doesn't get sick often at all ;)
Rory doesn't fully grasp the whole baby thing yet hahaha
but I don't really expect her to.
When I'm waddling around at like 38 weeks then maybe I'll hope she gets it
but all she knows is that I keep telling her there's a baby in my tummy
and she kisses it and says
"I luf you baby"
and my heart melts!
She also knows all of her colors!
NO joke!
You can quiz her and 8/10 times she'll get it right the first time
(white, purple, pink tend to trip her up a little).
She is the BEST helper.
She will bring me things when I ask,
help me with the dishes and getting the laundry ;)
She LOVES helping,
and will get very slightly upset if I don't let her hahaha
And here are some cute pictures of said child
cuz what post would be complete without a Rory picture?!

 Oh! I almost forgot about the Crafty Pants Party
I went to on Saturday!
You may recall the last one
and how well that went.... :/
Well I've officially been redeemed by all!
I made this beauty!

And all these lovely ladies were there
(I was lame and forgot my camera.......so I stole this from someone's IG haha)
They always know how to make me blush and giggle
and feel really silly but in a fun way ;)
Thank you Chrissy again for hosting!
I'll probably do another post about it when I can steal more pictures from her haha
So now, this is it hahaha
I'm hoping for something exciting maybe later this week to happen?
I dunno ;)
Welcome to my "boring life as a mom"!

05 February 2014

How We Found Out ;)

Thank you to everyone for the kind words,
emails and texts about our new little bundle coming soon!

Just so everyone is aware, I wrote this blog post RIGHT after
I got the positive test hahaha

So we found out on Christmas Eve
that we were expecting again ;)

Rory will be a big sister!
I'll be a mother of 2!
Andrew is gonna be a dad again!
Let's just say that it was overwhelming at least hahaha

We weren't going to tell anyone yet,
but how could I not tell my family when 
they were all coming over for Christmas Eve dinner?

Andrew was hesitant only cuz he wanted to surprise them
in a super fun way and we hadn't thought of it yet hahaha
We went through dinner trying to think of something,
we were both so excited to share it!

Then I ran into the "office" to make a quick little paper
for GG and grandma to open from Rory ;)

It wasn't as special as we wanted,
but let me tell you,
it did the trick ;)

I made sure my parents and grandparents were
next to each other and opened the gifts at the same time ;)
I really wish I had thought to video the reactions,
but let's just say that tears were shed,
and exclamations of joy happened too ;)

My poor brothers and SIL were like
"What is it???"
So my mom read it aloud and more tears were shed,
and hugs were had all around ;)
So far now my parents will have had a grandchild born every year since 2012!
After 2014,
I'm passing the gauntlet to Nick and Emily hahaha

So there you have it!
We have another sweet babe on the way!
I'm still a bit overwhelmed,
but I am happy I get to be a mother again ;)

** Forgot to mention, we told my in-laws via FB
(with a picture of the paper)
 cuz they were on
their Christmas cruise to Panama!!
But they were excited too!!
MY BAD!! **

03 February 2014

Something newsworthy

We have some really exciting news around here ;)
I've been DYING to tell you all!