17 January 2014

Grab bags!!

You guys remember my friend Kaylee??
With the super cute shop,
Oh yeah!

she has this AMAZING offer going on right now
with, get this, GRAB BAGS!
Her already discounted jewelry is even more discounted with this
grab bag deal!
Even better?
She SHIPS guys!
I can't even tell you how awesome this is!
I live really close to her but since I'm such an airhead and forget things,
she can ship it to me with no hassle and SUPER affordable!

I love Kaylee and her jewelry!
I wear the peacock necklace ALL the time and get compliments on it every time ;)

And because she's so awesome,
she's offering a giveaway for you all!
2 winners!
One winner will get an Option 1 grab bag,
and a second will get the Option 3 grab bag!
Lucky ducks!! 

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  1. I could totally use some headbands and flowers for my newborn photography.

    Also, I hope you're feeling better. I meant to write you a long-winded response to your last post, but... life. I still love ya, Ali. Wishing you the best.

  2. I love all her necklaces, they're all so unique, colorful, and pretty!

  3. I love the baby headbands. So adorable! You can NEVER have enough headbands for your little one, right?

  4. Love the statement necklaces. I have the peacock and the anchor necklaces as well as the black bow earrings. I get so many compliments on those.

  5. I bought some really pretty flower necklaces that I love!!

  6. I LOVE her necklaces and bracelets! I always wear her jewelry when I go out and am a walking advertisement! Women always comment on the jewelry. I always happily tell them where I got it, and how to find Kaylee!


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