19 January 2014

Disneyland Trip!

So remember in like November,
when my mom and I went to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday?
Well we went and I'm finally blogging about it!
We took my car cuz it is way less expensive gas wise,
and it was the first time I've really ever driven on a road trip haha
Twas an experience to say the least!
We got to our hotel and decided to go see Catching Fire
cuz my mom had a gift card for AMC and there was one in Downtown Disney!
Such a good movie!
I've yet to see it again but I want to hahaha
We'll buy it for sure so even if I don't see it til then I'll be ok ;)
The next day we started at California Adventure!
And it was rainy!!
Guys do you understand what that means??
First it meant that I was stupid and didn't pack any jeans......
but it meant the locals all went home!
We basically had the park to ourselves!
We got the literal BEST hot chocolate ever at Flo's Diner in CarsLand!
AND if you ask them to split the hot chocolate for you,
they give you BOTH full cups of it!!
It was extremely windy waiting in line for Racers,
and again.....forgot where the camera was....... /fail.
We ate lunch at Paradise Pier,
soup bowls and sandwiches from the sourdough place, my FAVE!
I recreated a pic from one of our other trips hahaha
And yeah, little AZ girl that I am I wore my poncho
AND got my umbrella out and my mom made fun of me.
We then made our way to Disneyland and met up with some princesses!! ;)
She called my glasses "bubble-catchers",
I was confused for a second hahaha
I seriously LOVE Disneyland at Christmas!
The tree, the lights, the ambiance, amazing!
I even got my mom to go on Star Tours once ;)
Woody LOVED my mom.
Clearly hahaha
Too bad for him she's happily married ;)
We then went back to our hotel to get the car,
it was WAY too far to walk haha
and went back for World of Color!
Then we died haha
The next day we are all Disneyland all day ;)
We got a carmel apple for breakfast hahaha
When we met Anna and Elsa the movie hadn't come out yet
(or the soundtrack)
so we weren't really sure what their story was,
now that we've seen it their behavior makes TOTAL sense!
Elsa was reserved and poised and 
Anna was in your face and all friendly hahaha
Basically we had 2 very packed and fun filled days ;)
Disneyland is by far my favorite place in the world 
and I was so glad I got to go with my mom ;)


  1. Jed would DIE to see Woody! What a fun fun trip, just you and your mom. I can't wait to go again one day and take the kids.

  2. I NEED Disneyland!! So jealous. And I have yet to be during Christmastime so that's on the list.


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