31 January 2014

Goings On

Well apparently I took a break from the blog!
My bad!
To be fair, nothing much has been happening over here as of late.
Just spending every day with my little bundle of crazy toddler
and loving almost every minute of it.
(Come on, there ARE some bad times)
Thanks to everyone for entering the Eden's Garden Boutique giveaway!
Kaylee is such a sweet girl
and she deserves all the support she can get ;)
So I got a calling in our new ward!
I'm the Activity Days leader and teacher for the 10/11 year old girls!
And quite frankly I'm a little terrified.
Hahahaha how sad!
I'm just so used to little kids that I'm forgetting that I DID teach 4th, 5th, and 6th graders
at one point in my "career" as an aide haha
(can aides have careers??)
I'm also excited to finally get out of junior primary
(not that I didn't love those little ones)
and be in senior primary!
I've also realized that I'm SUPER rusty on my Articles of Faith haha
time to catch up on those again.
So I'm excited and nervous!
I still kinda feel like I'm not old enough to teach them!
But I'm ready to try it ;)
Have I mentioned how much I love blogging and the networking?
I love that I've made friends through it,
and been able to do posts for some great companies!
I'm hoping to soon be doing another collaboration with a great company!!
I don't wanna jinx it so it's remaining anonymous for now ;)
I'm also super excited for next Saturday's Crafty Pants Party 
thrown by the amazing Chrissy!
I always love getting together with my blog buddies!
Plus making a cute and fun craft is a bonus ;)
Oh! I almost forgot to mention the new Gilbert temple!
We got to tour it last Saturday with my parents, Andrew's parents, 
and Andrew's Aunt Heidi and her family!
It is sooooooo gorgeous!

Rory LOVED the waterfall ;)
She also loved the temple!
She now asks to see pictures of it all the time hahaha
and who knows?
Someday this could be the temple she gets married in! ;)
If you're in AZ and want to go to the open house for the temple,
it's still going til the 15th of February!
And it's free and it's a wonderful opportunity to see the inside of a temple
for those that wonder what it may look like!
Oooo I DID start making jewelry again!
I haven't done it in a really long time
but my wonderful mom gave me all her supplies cuz she doesn't have time anymore,
so I've been using it as my naptime occupation ;)
It's so therapeutic and I love it!

So really...........that's kinda it around here hahaha
Maybe I'll have more exciting things to talk about next week?? ;)

19 January 2014

Disneyland Trip!

So remember in like November,
when my mom and I went to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday?
Well we went and I'm finally blogging about it!
We took my car cuz it is way less expensive gas wise,
and it was the first time I've really ever driven on a road trip haha
Twas an experience to say the least!
We got to our hotel and decided to go see Catching Fire
cuz my mom had a gift card for AMC and there was one in Downtown Disney!
Such a good movie!
I've yet to see it again but I want to hahaha
We'll buy it for sure so even if I don't see it til then I'll be ok ;)
The next day we started at California Adventure!
And it was rainy!!
Guys do you understand what that means??
First it meant that I was stupid and didn't pack any jeans......
but it meant the locals all went home!
We basically had the park to ourselves!
We got the literal BEST hot chocolate ever at Flo's Diner in CarsLand!
AND if you ask them to split the hot chocolate for you,
they give you BOTH full cups of it!!
It was extremely windy waiting in line for Racers,
and again.....forgot where the camera was....... /fail.
We ate lunch at Paradise Pier,
soup bowls and sandwiches from the sourdough place, my FAVE!
I recreated a pic from one of our other trips hahaha
And yeah, little AZ girl that I am I wore my poncho
AND got my umbrella out and my mom made fun of me.
We then made our way to Disneyland and met up with some princesses!! ;)
She called my glasses "bubble-catchers",
I was confused for a second hahaha
I seriously LOVE Disneyland at Christmas!
The tree, the lights, the ambiance, amazing!
I even got my mom to go on Star Tours once ;)
Woody LOVED my mom.
Clearly hahaha
Too bad for him she's happily married ;)
We then went back to our hotel to get the car,
it was WAY too far to walk haha
and went back for World of Color!
Then we died haha
The next day we are all Disneyland all day ;)
We got a carmel apple for breakfast hahaha
When we met Anna and Elsa the movie hadn't come out yet
(or the soundtrack)
so we weren't really sure what their story was,
now that we've seen it their behavior makes TOTAL sense!
Elsa was reserved and poised and 
Anna was in your face and all friendly hahaha
Basically we had 2 very packed and fun filled days ;)
Disneyland is by far my favorite place in the world 
and I was so glad I got to go with my mom ;)

17 January 2014

Grab bags!!

You guys remember my friend Kaylee??
With the super cute shop,
Oh yeah!

she has this AMAZING offer going on right now
with, get this, GRAB BAGS!
Her already discounted jewelry is even more discounted with this
grab bag deal!
Even better?
She SHIPS guys!
I can't even tell you how awesome this is!
I live really close to her but since I'm such an airhead and forget things,
she can ship it to me with no hassle and SUPER affordable!

I love Kaylee and her jewelry!
I wear the peacock necklace ALL the time and get compliments on it every time ;)

And because she's so awesome,
she's offering a giveaway for you all!
2 winners!
One winner will get an Option 1 grab bag,
and a second will get the Option 3 grab bag!
Lucky ducks!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


08 January 2014


Lately I've been feeling weird.
I'm not sure how to describe it so I'm just gonna write the words down 
that kinda make sense to me.

I feel excited, happy, sad, nervous, like a failure, like a major rockstar,
like I could take on the world,
and also like I want to just shut it out.

It's a weird place for me to be in.
In the mom department I'm currently struggling.

Rory has started asking for the potty,
although I'm fairly certain it's just to see Mickey on the shower curtain.
But that's led me to think about potty training.
I don't think she's ready yet,
but she's dang close!
That terrifies me.
I've never potty trained a kid before,
so the whole process makes me sick with anxiety hahaha
sad isn't it?
But she also won't eat very much.
She eats a waffle for breakfast because I make her,
and let her walk around with it cuz it's not messy.
She drinks TONS of apple juice,
I mean if this girl could have one thing ever it'd be apple juice.
She will snack on some things,
and she'll take bits of whatever Andrew and I eat,
but I can't get her to eat a meal or be consistent with it.
Maybe I'm worrying over nothing,
but when we're out she eats everything in sight like I'm starving her,
which I promise you I'm not!!

She doesn't have any little friends yet.
She's been in nursery for just a few weeks,
but one of us has had to be in there the whole time
because they bring her to us if she cries,
and my daughter being a weirdly tender heart she is,
is a sympathetic crier.
So when someone else starts crying, she has to too.
(BTW, anyone know how to "break" this habit?
Cuz it's driving me crazy)
 Our ward doesn't do a WARD playgroup that I know of.
I'm sure there probably is one,
I just don't know where it is or how to find out
cuz I haven't been to RS hahaha

BUT she's been an AMAZING helper these past few weeks.
I got hit with the sickness that's been going around,
and this little girl has brought me tissues,
walked me to the bathroom (adorable by the way),
helped me unload the dishwasher (she's the utensil expert),
helps me clean up when there's a mess.
I mean, she's a REALLY good girl ;)
I got extremely lucky with her ;)
I feel so blessed to have her.

I've also been feeling like we just need to do more
spiritual things both as a couple and family.
It's really hard to do with a toddler that doesn't really understand things,
and we haven't been very consistent,
but we'll get better at it.
Andrew and I have started reading scriptures again before bed.
Guys this is a big deal.
It's been really hard for us to get back into the habit after Rory was born.
We had so many other things going on,
that it just kinda got pushed to the side without even realizing it.
So this new year we're starting again.
And already it feels better in my soul.
Cheesy as that may be, it's true.

Sometimes I wish I had the talent to have a side business
that's profitable and helps make ends meet.
but apparently it's just not a very popular thing.
I've done a grand total of 2 jobs.
One was doing all of my SIL's parents pictures
(1600 pictures) and then doing a photo DVD for a girl for her husband for Christmas.
That's it.
And while that was amazing and I'm grateful for it,
I'm at a loss at how to promote it anymore.
Thus feeling slightly discouraged,
but I'll keep trying for awhile.

Sorry for the jumbled post hahaha
I've just had a lot on my mind and needed to get it off my chest.