20 December 2013


So remember that I've been telling you 
That I'm gonna be an aunt finally??

Well, little Liam made his appearance yesterday afternoon!!

I'm sooooo happy to finally be an aunt!
Now I understand all the hoopla about Rory with my siblings and such ;)

He's adorable and mom is doing fine now
after a couple complications post baby,
thanks to prayers and thoughts from you! 

So here he is!!

Rory was confused at first cuz Liam was now alive 
and not in Emily's tummy anymore hahaha

She calls him LeeMee for some reason.....not sure why hahaha

Welcome to the family Liam Michael! 
We love you so much already!! ;)


  1. That second picture... dying. He's adorable!! I'm not an aunt yet, but one great thing I've realized about getting married is now I get to inherit two existing little nephews and three baby girls that are on the way.


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