26 December 2013

Christmas ;)

Oh Christmas!
What a great holiday ;)

We were thoroughly spoiled and Rory enjoyed her first "real" Christmas.
She mostly understood what was happening,
and LOVED helping us hand out presents ;)

Unwrapping presents?
She couldn't really care less hahaha
she would get frustrated when it didn't come out ;)

Uncle Trevor has become her go-to man for help,
it's adorable!
This amulet from Sofia the First has easily been her favorite gift!
Best part?!
It was a giveaway win!
So I didn't even have to buy it and she loves it!

We also gave her the Princess Klip Klop Stable from Fischer Price
which today she's finally getting the hang of haha
AND she got the Princess Castle from Fischer Price from our friend Nancy
(who also gave us the Jag)

And a bathtime Ariel doll with a color changing fin ;)
She loves that also hahaha

Daddy got himself crowned prince of the DC/Marvel universe
(Marvel pj pants and Superman shirt)

We each got a fun can of chicken noodle soup ;)
Mine was Disney Princess and Andrew's was Phineas and Ferb!

Our family is big on puzzles/scavenger hunts

GG and Papa gave Rory a little bike ;)
Although we discovered that it can't turn unless you move it.
As in the handlebars move,
but they don't actually move the wheels.
SUPER weird!
But it's adorable and she loves riding around with her basket full ;)

Andrew has been coveting his gift for a long time!
He LOVES to cook
(as you all know)
and this is one appliance we kept putting off cuz we just didn't have the money,
but I found a KILLER deal and lo and behold:

A fryer has made it to the Mills household!
He was so happy and I was so proud of myself ;)

Little Liam (and Nick and Emily)
came for a little bit before they went home and crashed!
Poor things have been out for hours on end since he was born!
They deserve a nice long break ;)
Such a little bug ;)

We got a whole bathroom setup from my parents too!

Can ya tell I may like Mickey just a smidge??? ;)
Rory will now ask to go see "the potty" hahaha

My dad handed me his Canon so that we covered both sides of the room
so we were having a flash war hahaha 

Then because he knows I've been wanting one for awhile,
and he has many cameras,
he GAVE me the Canon for Christmas ;)
I may have cried a little!
I love the camera Andrew gave me a couple years ago but this camera
is such a big step up and I'm so excited to learn how to use it!
He gave me a crash course
(with promises of follow ups if I want)
and we did some test shots ;)

It may not look like much BUT
I love that it captured Rory playing with her toys and the cat
finally be able to get to the sill hahaha

On Christmas Eve,
we pulled out the baby chair we used for Rory so Liam
could sleep undisturbed
(and arms wouldn't get sore)
and Rory was very protective ;)

She's gonna be a great big sister someday ;)

My parents also gave us tickets to Peter and the Star Catchers!!
My mom had asked me a few months ago if we wanted to buy in the group
but we just couldn't afford it with buying a house,
so I was completely surprised when we opened them!

I'm so excited for this too! ;)
They performed at the Grand Opening of the theatre
and they sounded hilarious so I can't wait to see them in person!

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!
What were some of your favorite gifts?


  1. Merry Christmas! I love the new bathroom d├ęcor. Perfect your family. :)

  2. Sooo much fun! Looks like you guys had a blast! :)


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