13 December 2013

A Plea

Ok guys.
I need to vent a bit here.
So I'm on FB looking at my feed when I see this article pop up.
Go ahead and read it,
I'll still be here ;)

Read it?
Awesome, let's continue.
Um WHA?!
Why on earth would you take an already beautiful woman and "fix" her?
I felt this sense of betrayal for lack of better word.
And not betrayed by J-Law (cuz come on, WHO could hate her!?)
But I felt more than I've ever felt before that I couldn't possibly be good enough 
for the world to see if they had to "fix" one of the most gorgeous girls on the planet!
How is that right?!
This sparked a conversation between me and a couple friends on FB.
All of us outraged by this act.

I've said it before,
and I'll say it again I'm sure,
but why do we beat ourselves up about our bodies?
And I'm guilty of it too!
I will look at others blogs and ask 
"why do they look this good when I'm a tub of lard?"
(and yes I know exercise and whatnot,
but let's just focus on the comparison right now mmmk?)
Then we see all these ads on TV for bras
or perfume or whatever
and these women look starved,
whore-ish (forgive my French)
and quite frankly it terrifies me.
More because I will sit there looking at them and think
"Gosh if I only looked like them....."

You guys all know that I've struggled with my body image since I was very young.
From about age 7 I was told I was fat from other kids,
looking back I so was not but the comments were there,
therefore they were in my head.
All throughout my life I have been on the heavier side of the spectrum.
I've never been a size 2, heck I've never really been a size single digits!
And when I was pregnant I was like,
"well at least now there's a legit reason why I'm big"
(and I wasn't even that big guys...)
AFTER having Rory I would see all these women that had babies
"bounce back" into their high school jeans,
or a bikini or whatever.
And I sat there thinking "I'll NEVER fit into my high school jeans again,
and WHY would I wear anything that would show my stretch marks?"
And I would judge myself.
(I'm also blaming hormones just a bit here cuz they did play a factor)

Since talking to Andrew, my mom, my grandma, my friends
(aka anyone that would listen to me complain....sorry guys!)
wasn't helping me at all,
it really only made me feel worse,
I decided to stop complaining.
I decided to just accept the fact that I'm still not like society's norm
and I probably never will be.
And guess what?

Cuz guess what?
and I gave birth to an amazing daughter who loves me regardless.
So suck on that society!
We as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, granddaughters, grandmothers,
friends, teachers, wives, companions
NEED to stand up for ourselves.
If we don't "fit the mold",
who cares?

Society will take an absolutely gorgeous woman like Jennifer Lawrence
and "make her better" in PhotoShop.
Because we let them manipulate us into thinking we're not worth it.


Stop the hurtful statements to yourself,
or to others.
Stop beating yourself up for having a bowl of ice cream when you just really need it.
Stop trying to become this "perfect being".


*end rant*


  1. Love this. I saw the same article yesterday too. Crazy! Also, we women have to be confident because of our talents, our abilities to be a good friend, wife, and mother, for all we can offer the world. We're meant to be MUCH MORE than just a pretty face.

  2. Oh oh oh oh yes! Yes, you said something really important in here. You gave birth to a wonderful little girl and she "loves [you] regardless". The shape of your body does nothing to your ability to raise your child and be a good mother and if it DID get to that point you would do something about it because you love and care about your family. What better qualities could you ask for in a person, I ask you? NONE.
    I can bet you J-Law was at the very least disappointed when she saw that picture all altered and junk. She's been so outspoken about the weight stigma. It's SO refreshing to have someone in Hollywood bent on reversing that status quo and emphasizing on healthy.
    You're marvelous. I love you. See you tonight ;)

  3. I love this so much! You are so beautiful Ali and you've created a living miracle! :) You go girl!


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