17 November 2013

Sneak Peek and Happenin's

You guys have been so nice with the compliments 
and the texts and emails about our new house!
And Alyx, I'm gonna embarrass you by posting the videos
you sent me cuz they made me and Rory so happy!

Basically she's my BFF,
sista from anotha mista,
the peanut butter to my jelly,
the cheese to my macaroni,
and all that other good stuff ;)

And everyone else that sent me texts and such you guys rock too!

We're doing the big final move on Tuesday but I won't have internetz til Thursday
and I'm leaving for Disneyland with my mama on Thursday SOO 
the house reveal will have to wait til I get back from that! 
Hahaha sorry guys!

BUT I can give you a super sneak peek!

We took Andrew to lunch after we heard
our loan had been funded and we made the appt to pick up our keys!
We took these the day we closed on the house,
but did I take pictures of every room??
Oh no....... /facepalm
But there's part of the kitchen!

Then on Friday we did a spontaneous trip out to the house
(it's currently about 40 minutes away from our apartment)
with my parents and brother and SIL ;)
SO we took the recliner and a couple bookshelves that would fit in the suburban ;)

Our living space has doubled in this house
and Rory LOVES having so much room to run around in!
As well as a pretty decent size backyard which is gonna help us get outside more often!
I just need some patio furniture ;)

In the 2 days we have been out there, we've had neighbors come over 
and introduce themselves,
offer their services to do yard work,
AND they informed us that our house is
the neighborhood "hub" of activity!
It's where everyone gathers and they apparently did bonfires in the driveway
cuz I have a wood pile on the side of my house!
SOOOO, we're lookin for a firepit hahaha
I don't wanna disappoint the 'hood!

Then on Saturday my visiting teaching partner and I
did a baby shower for 3 moms!

It was exhausting!
But also really fun for these moms to get to know people in the ward,
and each other to help them become a support system.
One of the moms had her baby 8 weeks early
(Lilly is now 4 weeks old)
and still in the hospital but the other 2 babies were there and cuddly with everyone ;)
It was a good send off for me from the ward
and my partner did an AMAZING job on the decor!
I seriously didn't do much but I did the taping and took pictures haha
Oh and I ordered the cupcakes!!
Weren't they so cute!?

So you probably won't hear from me for about a week :(
BUT when I get back there will be LOTS to talk about so get ready peeps!

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  1. Congrats on the house purchase! That's so exciting! Hope you have fun in Disney Land too!


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