13 November 2013

Not Forgotten!!

You guys!!
I PROMISE I haven't forgotten about the blog hahaha

It's just been slightly crazy around here
and probably will be still for the next few weeks.....
we're moving into our HOUSE!! 
It's so exciting and terrifying and 
did I mention crazy already?? 

I promise I will write a real post soon! 
I also have to wait to get my computer back
from the Apple Store cuz it died :(
BUT it will be better than ever and I will get back on track!

So please forgive the crazy and 
I will return shortly!!


  1. Good luck with moving! Hope it goes smoothly!

  2. Enjoy your busy days. I'm sooo excited for you and your family and your NEW HOUSE!!!

  3. So happy for you! Enjoy your new home! We will always be here! xo


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