25 November 2013


Alrighty guys!
I'm back from my trip to Disneyland which was AWESOME!
Had so much fun with my mom ;)
Post to come soon about that!

I wanted to post about the house this time ;)
Hope you don't mind heehee

So here it is in all it's splendor:


Front Closet

Hall Closet

Master Bed/Bath/Closet

Rory's Room

Spare room. Bathroom. Laundry. 2 car garage!
Complete with 2 cars ;)
Yes, THAT'S my new "mom" car ;)
We have very generous friends that gave us the car.

And last night I did a little decorating ;)

So this nook is in my hallway and I LOVE it!
I however, have no idea what to put here permanently,
so for now, it's housing our stockings
made by Andrew's Aunt Heidi ;)

And there you have it guys!
I'll take more pictures as it comes together more haha


  1. Big baller rollin in a jag.. you deserve it and much much more :)

  2. Isn't it sooo much fun to decorate/dream of decorating and spiffing up your VERY OWN HOUSE?!!? I'm soo excited for your family. I looove Rory's room and I think your home has more closet space than mine. :)


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