05 November 2013

Catch Up!

Thank you all for the sweet words and Happy Birthdays ;)
I always tell people that you can never underestimate the blogging community!
It's simply the best!

And now I'm doing a cop out "catch up" post hahaha

Halloween Rory and I spent getting candy from our ward trunk or treat 
then helping grandma and grandpa give out candy at their house!

This little Supergirl had a blast!
Can ya tell?
She would get very upset of we didn't let her be the one to give the candy haha
One little girl even tried to give her a piece of candy from her bag,
so precious!

We played with GG and Papa on Wednesday ;)

This girl is so loved, can ya tell?
Hahaha she was talking to Harry on the phone with Papa ;)

Wednesday night we had a girls birthday diner with Grandma Mills
and Aunt Haley
(here on medical leave from her mission, she gets to go back this week!!)
and we had so much fun!

Friday daddy came home from his first business trip!
We were SOOO ready for him to be back!
I can say I have infinitely more respect for single parents,
how do you do it!?
You deserve medals
and money and flowers and all sorts of stuff!

We missed our daddy ;)

She's so sassy!
Then yesterday was kinda a rough one,
no nap
(loudly protested) 
and she had been up for a couple hours the night before,
but Aunt Haley came by to play for awhile and they had an impromptu
dance sesh in the living room ;)

Today's looking a lot better though ;)
I'm hoping we get naps,
and we can go out today and find some grass to run in or something haha


  1. Glad the hubs is home! Rory looks adorable in her outfit :) That is so cute she wanted to pass out the candy, such a cutie!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That video of Rory handing out candy is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a sweet girl you have!


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