19 October 2013

Words with Rory

I HAD to write down all the words Rory knows now 
so that I can remember everything at this point in her life ;)

So here we go:

"Gumpka" < grandpa (and sometimes grandma)
"GG" < but French-ify it haha
"Emmy/Ammy" < Aunt Emily and amen
"zhooz" - shoes/juice
"Poo-poo" < she will actually tell us if she has a dirty diaper
"Alright??" < we always ask her if she's alright when she falls haha
"Awowah" < her name
"Air-ee" < Ariel
"Minnah" < Minnie

And she squeals with excitement with like everything haha so funny!
I just wish she would snuggle with us more.
She loves us but snuggles are starting to get less and less.
My favorite thing though is when I come home from
anywhere that we weren't together
and she screams
and runs to me with arms outstretched and kisses ;)
I can get used to that heehee

* I had to revise this after GG and Papa reminded me of more words she knows! *

"Oh Dear!"
"Uh Oh"
"Good Girl"


  1. Baby words are the cutest! I feel like Holland has said a lot of words but doesn't say a lot on a regular basis. Haha. Like she'll repeat things one day and then not the next. Silly girl! I LOVE how many Disney characters Rory knows! So adorable!

  2. Good idea taking the time to list these out! Someday she will read this and just giggle! :)


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