17 October 2013

More Photo Dumps ;)

Yeah I know,
this is kinda of a bum post hahaha
but I take lots of pictures of The Cuteness and I wanna share!!

So I had asked on FB if someone had a rolling pin I could borrow to make
sugar cookies and my friends were all so generous to offer to lend me theirs.
Then the following week I received this beauty!

Andrew's Uncle and Aunt love us so much and I was so happy and excited!
Sugar cookies will be made MUCH more often now!

She was just as amused as I was about traffic....

She loves to snuggle her grandma and Mickey and Minnie

And then she falls asleep in the car pretty much 
every time we go pick up Daddy from work ;)

She LOVES to read!
Like guys she reads all the time!!
Surrounds herself with her books and reads to herself haha

I recorded this after we had just talked to GG and Papa on the phone
and she talked like this for about 10 minutes hahaha

And today she went from squealing with happiness 
to passed OUT in 2 seconds flat haha

I sure do love this little rugrat!


  1. But these are my favorite kind of posts! I love seeing pictures of your sweet babe and it's a peek into normal, every day life!

  2. Hey, no worries here! I just posted a bunch of random pictures too. That last one is priceless. :)

  3. LOVE that one of her in the backseat. Hilarious how bored she looks.


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