26 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Leah!

Alright ladies,
today I have another awesome giveaway!
Meet Leah!

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Hi everyone!! 
Quick about myself: I'm Leah, 23 and still in school studying Geophysics. 
I have an 8 month old son, a veteran for a husband 
and a pretty busy life, as you can imagine! 
I still find the time to blog, however, 
and pimp out my best friends' businesses!

Brandi and I went to college together at NAU... 
we were actually roommate our Freshman year 
and after the typical ups-and-downs roommates have, we became best friends.
 I say she's way too good to me, and one day I'll do more than just give her more business 
and eat too many of her brownies... until then...

Brandi's primary business/love is baking, and she's pretty dang good at it.
 She's made me gluten free cupcakes and brownies, 
and my family says they'd be willing to go to war for her holiday cookies and candies. 
Now, however, she's started a new business and
--surprise, surprise--she's pretty good at that too! 
Now she makes clay earrings, keychains and statuettes.
 For this giveaway I will be offering a three-pair set of seasonal earrings,
 which you will be able to help design!

For her cakes, cupcakes and other yummy creations 
you can find her HERE on Facebook,
 and HERE for her clay creations!

Aren't these the cutest?!!?
I'm jealous of whomever wins them!!

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