22 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Courtney!

Alright ladies and gents!
Time to kick off my birthday week of giveaways!!
I have some wonderful ladies that are helping me out!
Today we have Courtney from Musings of a Marvelous Me!

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Well hello again, dear Ali's followers!
 I am Courtney from Musings of a Marvelous Me 
and this year you get a picture! :D

I am back again this year for the Ali's Birthday Week Giveaway Extravaganza!!! 

This year, I have been opening shop to sell my art. 

You can find me around the web in different places. 

I'm also on Instagram: @mycasl_art and @ladyc4ever.

This year, I will have two winners!
 The first winner will get a painting of whatever they want 
(9x12" in watercolor OR Acrylic)
 and the second winner will get a digital painting of whatever they want
 (You get the digital image, but need to get it printed on your own.)

So, to inspire your beautiful minds, here are some of my recent pieces of art!
 I've been practicing copying from pictures, 
so if you want me to recreate a photo, 
let me know and you will need to email me a copy of the photo. 
The better the quality, the better your picture will be!

May the odds be ever in your favor! ;D


Isn't she awesome?!

Enter for a print of her art work in the rafflecopter! ;)

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  1. She does great work! Love her talent :)
    I love the name work she did but my fav is probably the american flag with the Eagle :)

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the Giveaway Week! YAY!

  3. I like the giraffes! She is very talented .

  4. I love all her Disney artwork, especially the one of Belle!

  5. Very talented. Love the Safari themed name she did. My sons room is safari. Perfect!


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