24 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Courtney B!

Hey hey hey!!
Who's having fun so far??
I AM!! ;)

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Today I have the wonderful Courtney from Here to Eternity,
and she's wonderful, sweet, amazing, and has the cutest little girl!

Take it away Courtney!


Hello new friends!! 
I'm Courtney and I blog at From Here to Eternity
I share our stories and adventures, 
the happy moments and some sad ones... 
and everything in between! 
But I must admit that the star of the blog is our precious baby girl, Mia! 
No one really cares about Eric and me now that Mia has stolen the hearts of blog land :)
I'm so happy to be giving away an ad space on my blog! 
I am offering a large ad (in sidebar) + a bottom banner ($25 value)! 
If you'd like to check out the other rates I offer you can see my sponsor page here.
 And I may be offering a little Halloween discount so keep an eye out on my blog ;)
Thanks for having me, Ali! 
And please come say hi... I love to make new friends! 

So she's pretty much the coolest!
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