28 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Actor's Youth Theatre!

I'm so sorry I'm late getting today's giveaway up!
It's been crazy over here!

you know how I talk about the youth theatre that my family is involved with?
Well my lovely mother wanted to give away 2 tickets to one of their plays!

we got involved with AYT the summer before my junior year
when my brother was in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
And we've been there ever since!

They do AMAZING shows guys!

"Actor’s Youth Theatre (AYT) is a non-profit performing arts organization with the mission of educating, entertaining, and enriching the lives of individuals in the community.
 AYT provides opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to develop acting, dancing, 
and musical talents through comprehensive performing art workshops, community outreach, performance opportunities, and the presentation of theatre productions.

AYT maintains a high standard of excellence while providing participants with a safe, inclusive atmosphere and a learning environment dedicated to implementing positive self-discipline. While encouraging creativity, AYT cultivates opportunities to learn all facets of theatre and performance for lifelong growth and appreciation of the arts"

It's a local theatre group here in Arizona.
Currently we are in the process of building our very own theatre in Gilbert!
This is a huge accomplishment and something we've been working on for YEARS!

I'm so excited to finally go to a show in the Tuscany Theatre!

For this giveaway,
we're giving away 2 tickets to Beauty and the Beast Jr!
Now when I say "Jr",
it means that the actors will be 8-14 years old,
and most of them it will be their first show
BUT I kid you not, they do an AMAZING job!

I've seen so many jr shows and they were all great!
Plus who doesn't love Beauty and the Beast??

Unfortunately this giveaway is just for AZ peeps
(unless you're coming to AZ in the Spring for the show!!)



  1. I saw Christmas Carol at Hale theater a few years ago, it was really good. This would be so much fun to win!

  2. Oh, how fun! I love a good play. Too bad I don't live close.


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