30 October 2013

Birthday fun!

I hope you all enjoyed the week of giveaways!! ;)
P.S. you can still enter some of them!!
Click on the button at the bottom of this post and you'll get to all of them! ;)

I honestly couldn't ask for better blogger friends than I have!
These ladies were so generous with their time and talents!
Sooo blessed!

And I gotta say,
my birthday was pretty awesome!
(and I'm still not done celebrating it!)

Started last week with my girlfriends from when we worked together
at Kids Corner a few years ago ;)
We only worked together for one year but I haven't had a connection like
ours before and we have recently rekindled our friendship flame!
And coincidentally we will soon all be within 10-15 minutes of each other 
instead of half an hour!
That news to come later!

They took me to Red Robin and yes, I was sung to
(sang to??).
 And received a hilarious card that is just so US!

Saturday, Andrew kidnapped me for some birthday shenanigans!
After a few stops in the car,
we ended up at the retention basin we had met up in years ago
to talk about our feelings for each other and such.
In that retention basin is where he asked me 
to be his girlfriend and kissed me for the first time ;)
It was very sweet being there again with him
and our daughter ;)

Monday night with I had dinner with Hope.
She knew Andrew was going to be out of town this week
(she works with him, actually she's the one that hired him haha)
so she asked if she could take me out for my birthday ;)
I mean, how sweet and awesome is she??
So I'm of course running late cuz my sitters couldn't get there on time,
and Andrew FaceTimed me while I was driving
(don't worry, he looked at the car ceiling while we talked and I drove haha)
and so with a slight tear in my eye
(I don't do well when Andrew's gone)
I walked into the restaurant and saw Miss Hope
and I got so excited!
Started walking towards her and then I saw 2 other heads!!
Siri and Lydia had come as a surprise!!
I was completely surprised!
Apparently I didn't show my surprise very well but I really was!
(Promise Hope, I WAS surprised!)
And it was a night filled with love and jokes and laughter ;)
I felt so special!

Then yesterday,
we started at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast!
I'd never had their breakfast and we were told that birthdays
get a free one.
We have now learned tis not so but my sweet mom paid for me anyway ;)
And my baby brother came as a surprise!
So awesome!
And we each got something different from our norm ;)
Apple Bacon waffles guys.

Other than being blinded by the flash,
isn't she adorable!?

We like to drive with the windows down!

Then we came home to let Rory take a much needed nap,
and after she woke up we went to Joe's Fresh Farm Grill,
which I forgot to take pictures of!
BUT it was delicious!
(I'm eating the leftovers today ;) )
And since we were right there
(and I needed to pick up my laptop) 
we perused San Tan Mall again ;)
And no trip to San Tan would be complete without the Disney Store.
Mom needed to pick up Monster's University and she had a coupon!

We didn't actually buy this,
I just thought it was so cute!

And I got a birthday button!!

After the mall,
we drove over to look at the outside 
That's right guys!
I can't even describe to you how the pieces just fell into place with this one.
We walked in and immediately I felt something.
 AND it's in the same ward as Allora,
(actually around the corner from her hahaha total coincidence)
across the street from Sydney,
and a guy from Andrew's work lives close by so they can carpool to work!
I mean, blessings on top of blessings!
AND nothing to fix!!!
Can you hear the angels??
I can!

Now I've gotten all distracted!
After all of this, we went back to my parents
 house and my mom made her spaghetti which is one of my favorite things!
And Rory got to play with Grandpa and her uncles and aunt ;)

And just for fun here's what grandma taught her during our adventures yesterday

Bye bye dude!



  1. I'm glad you had a fun birthday! Congrats on finding a house!

  2. Sounds like one of the best birthdays ever. You totally deserve it, Ali. :) I can just tell. And a house?! How exciting!!! I hope everything works out with this one. When we walked into ours, we lingered and wanted to see it again. We just knew!

  3. Aww what a fun birthday week! And YAY for finding a house! That is so exciting!! :] I can't wait to see pictures!

  4. And that last post was from me, Emma Ashby, not my husband! Haha. Whoops!!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful birthday!! CONGRATS on the house! SO happy for your family!

  6. Happy birthday week Ali girl! I loved getting to celebrate with you! :)

  7. What a perfect birthday! You totally deserved it!!
    Aaaahhh! Congrats on finding a home! I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly with the rest of the process! Buying a home is such a pain sometimes. Can't WAIT to see pictures!!


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