30 October 2013

Birthday fun!

I hope you all enjoyed the week of giveaways!! ;)
P.S. you can still enter some of them!!
Click on the button at the bottom of this post and you'll get to all of them! ;)

I honestly couldn't ask for better blogger friends than I have!
These ladies were so generous with their time and talents!
Sooo blessed!

And I gotta say,
my birthday was pretty awesome!
(and I'm still not done celebrating it!)

Started last week with my girlfriends from when we worked together
at Kids Corner a few years ago ;)
We only worked together for one year but I haven't had a connection like
ours before and we have recently rekindled our friendship flame!
And coincidentally we will soon all be within 10-15 minutes of each other 
instead of half an hour!
That news to come later!

They took me to Red Robin and yes, I was sung to
(sang to??).
 And received a hilarious card that is just so US!

Saturday, Andrew kidnapped me for some birthday shenanigans!
After a few stops in the car,
we ended up at the retention basin we had met up in years ago
to talk about our feelings for each other and such.
In that retention basin is where he asked me 
to be his girlfriend and kissed me for the first time ;)
It was very sweet being there again with him
and our daughter ;)

Monday night with I had dinner with Hope.
She knew Andrew was going to be out of town this week
(she works with him, actually she's the one that hired him haha)
so she asked if she could take me out for my birthday ;)
I mean, how sweet and awesome is she??
So I'm of course running late cuz my sitters couldn't get there on time,
and Andrew FaceTimed me while I was driving
(don't worry, he looked at the car ceiling while we talked and I drove haha)
and so with a slight tear in my eye
(I don't do well when Andrew's gone)
I walked into the restaurant and saw Miss Hope
and I got so excited!
Started walking towards her and then I saw 2 other heads!!
Siri and Lydia had come as a surprise!!
I was completely surprised!
Apparently I didn't show my surprise very well but I really was!
(Promise Hope, I WAS surprised!)
And it was a night filled with love and jokes and laughter ;)
I felt so special!

Then yesterday,
we started at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast!
I'd never had their breakfast and we were told that birthdays
get a free one.
We have now learned tis not so but my sweet mom paid for me anyway ;)
And my baby brother came as a surprise!
So awesome!
And we each got something different from our norm ;)
Apple Bacon waffles guys.

Other than being blinded by the flash,
isn't she adorable!?

We like to drive with the windows down!

Then we came home to let Rory take a much needed nap,
and after she woke up we went to Joe's Fresh Farm Grill,
which I forgot to take pictures of!
BUT it was delicious!
(I'm eating the leftovers today ;) )
And since we were right there
(and I needed to pick up my laptop) 
we perused San Tan Mall again ;)
And no trip to San Tan would be complete without the Disney Store.
Mom needed to pick up Monster's University and she had a coupon!

We didn't actually buy this,
I just thought it was so cute!

And I got a birthday button!!

After the mall,
we drove over to look at the outside 
That's right guys!
I can't even describe to you how the pieces just fell into place with this one.
We walked in and immediately I felt something.
 AND it's in the same ward as Allora,
(actually around the corner from her hahaha total coincidence)
across the street from Sydney,
and a guy from Andrew's work lives close by so they can carpool to work!
I mean, blessings on top of blessings!
AND nothing to fix!!!
Can you hear the angels??
I can!

Now I've gotten all distracted!
After all of this, we went back to my parents
 house and my mom made her spaghetti which is one of my favorite things!
And Rory got to play with Grandpa and her uncles and aunt ;)

And just for fun here's what grandma taught her during our adventures yesterday

Bye bye dude!


29 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: MEEE!


The big 2-5! hahaha
I still can't believe I'm a quarter or a century old!
I'm going to be spending the day with my family and Rory,
missing Andrew like crazy (stupid business trip ON my birthday week!)
but it's gonna be a good day!

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So here's the part you're all waiting for!
The giveaway from me:

A box of a few of my favorite things!

The Little Mermaid on DVD!

You all know how much a LOVE Ariel
(a love I seem to share with my daughter, YAY!)

Then I will be sending you a handmade recipe book
from me with some of my favorite
(and easiest) recipes!

This gorgeous necklace!

And because I'm just such a Disney fanatic:

All 5 CDs of Classic Disney music,
AND the Musical History of Disneyland CDs!!

No wait, there's MORE!!

You'll also get a $15 Barnes and Noble card
because I'm such a bookworm!

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28 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Actor's Youth Theatre!

I'm so sorry I'm late getting today's giveaway up!
It's been crazy over here!

you know how I talk about the youth theatre that my family is involved with?
Well my lovely mother wanted to give away 2 tickets to one of their plays!

we got involved with AYT the summer before my junior year
when my brother was in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
And we've been there ever since!

They do AMAZING shows guys!

"Actor’s Youth Theatre (AYT) is a non-profit performing arts organization with the mission of educating, entertaining, and enriching the lives of individuals in the community.
 AYT provides opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to develop acting, dancing, 
and musical talents through comprehensive performing art workshops, community outreach, performance opportunities, and the presentation of theatre productions.

AYT maintains a high standard of excellence while providing participants with a safe, inclusive atmosphere and a learning environment dedicated to implementing positive self-discipline. While encouraging creativity, AYT cultivates opportunities to learn all facets of theatre and performance for lifelong growth and appreciation of the arts"

It's a local theatre group here in Arizona.
Currently we are in the process of building our very own theatre in Gilbert!
This is a huge accomplishment and something we've been working on for YEARS!

I'm so excited to finally go to a show in the Tuscany Theatre!

For this giveaway,
we're giving away 2 tickets to Beauty and the Beast Jr!
Now when I say "Jr",
it means that the actors will be 8-14 years old,
and most of them it will be their first show
BUT I kid you not, they do an AMAZING job!

I've seen so many jr shows and they were all great!
Plus who doesn't love Beauty and the Beast??

Unfortunately this giveaway is just for AZ peeps
(unless you're coming to AZ in the Spring for the show!!)


27 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Aleks!

I'm very excited that this super talented,
amazing, loving, sweet girl was able to participate in the giveaway week!
Meet Aleks!

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of the giveaways!! 
So you can't miss them!*


Hello y'all! I am Aleks, of Aleks Handmade and A Slocum Story. 

(yes,I am very busy)

Happy Birthday to one amazing woman!! I was so excited when Ali said she wanted to do a week of giveaways. What better way to celebrate your birthday than by blessing others!!! 

Aleks Handmade is a, fairly, small handmade business located in central Indiana. What started as a small hobby of sewing turned into a love for all things fabric! Aleks Handmade is owned and operated by my husband, Brad, and myself, Aleks. 

Although we don't have children of our own, yet, we love to create treasures for tiny hands. Whether it is for imaginative play using aprons and softies or dress up in our ruffle skirts, we custom create every item. Our newest favorites are the WHALE SOFTIES! We offer custom orders in any color or pattern. 

We don't just design for little ones though. We have a small line of tote bags perfect for on the go. We also hand knit a line of super soft infinity cowls. Fall is coming, so be sure to check out our mustard and plum colors!

Because we love Ali SO MUCH we are giving away TWO prizes to celebrate her birthday! 

First prize:

Second prize:

Because we know not everyone can win, we are also offering a discount code for 20% off any order!! (p.s. Christmas is only 2 months away) 

Use the code "HappyBirthdayAli" to get

 20% off on all items at www.alekshandmade.com

Happy Happy Birthday to Ali!


You lucky ducks!!
Those are some of the CUTEST things ever!!!

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26 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Leah!

Alright ladies,
today I have another awesome giveaway!
Meet Leah!

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bottom of the posts you'll get to ALL
of the giveaways!! 
So you can't miss them!*

Hi everyone!! 
Quick about myself: I'm Leah, 23 and still in school studying Geophysics. 
I have an 8 month old son, a veteran for a husband 
and a pretty busy life, as you can imagine! 
I still find the time to blog, however, 
and pimp out my best friends' businesses!

Brandi and I went to college together at NAU... 
we were actually roommate our Freshman year 
and after the typical ups-and-downs roommates have, we became best friends.
 I say she's way too good to me, and one day I'll do more than just give her more business 
and eat too many of her brownies... until then...

Brandi's primary business/love is baking, and she's pretty dang good at it.
 She's made me gluten free cupcakes and brownies, 
and my family says they'd be willing to go to war for her holiday cookies and candies. 
Now, however, she's started a new business and
--surprise, surprise--she's pretty good at that too! 
Now she makes clay earrings, keychains and statuettes.
 For this giveaway I will be offering a three-pair set of seasonal earrings,
 which you will be able to help design!

For her cakes, cupcakes and other yummy creations 
you can find her HERE on Facebook,
 and HERE for her clay creations!

Aren't these the cutest?!!?
I'm jealous of whomever wins them!!

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25 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Kaylee!

Yet another amazing giveaway!! ;) 
You lucky dogs!
Today it's Kaylee from Eden's Garden Boutique
with another jewelry giveaway!
I seriously LOVE her jewelry and how affordable they are!

*note: if you click on the button at the
bottom of the posts you'll get to ALL
of the giveaways!! 
So you can't miss them!*

I'm Kaylee, owner of Eden's Garden Boutique
(named after my beautiful baby girl)
Eden's Garden Boutique is a small at home business. 
Most of my sales are local but I can ship anywhere in the US. 
My goal is to sell beautiful accessories for a great price. 
Statement necklaces, earrings, belts, baby headbands, 
and a few more exciting items I will be adding soon! 
I love interacting with people and seeing them happy with their new items 
that they got for a great deal! 

Your prize for the giveaway is BOTH the heart necklace and bow earrings!!


Ah you guys!
So excited for one of you!!


24 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Courtney B!

Hey hey hey!!
Who's having fun so far??
I AM!! ;)

*note: if you click on the button at the
bottom of the posts you'll get to ALL
of the giveaways!! 
So you can't miss them!*

Today I have the wonderful Courtney from Here to Eternity,
and she's wonderful, sweet, amazing, and has the cutest little girl!

Take it away Courtney!


Hello new friends!! 
I'm Courtney and I blog at From Here to Eternity
I share our stories and adventures, 
the happy moments and some sad ones... 
and everything in between! 
But I must admit that the star of the blog is our precious baby girl, Mia! 
No one really cares about Eric and me now that Mia has stolen the hearts of blog land :)
I'm so happy to be giving away an ad space on my blog! 
I am offering a large ad (in sidebar) + a bottom banner ($25 value)! 
If you'd like to check out the other rates I offer you can see my sponsor page here.
 And I may be offering a little Halloween discount so keep an eye out on my blog ;)
Thanks for having me, Ali! 
And please come say hi... I love to make new friends! 

So she's pretty much the coolest!
Enter in the rafflecopter!

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23 October 2013

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Alicia!

Hello loves!!

Today I have another great giveaway for you! ;)
Take it away Alicia!!

*note: if you click on the button at the
bottom of the posts you'll get to ALL
of the giveaways!! 
So you can't miss them!*


Hey there! My name is Alicia and I blog over at Hearts and Chances.

I'm so excited to be helping Ali celebrate her birthday week
by participating in a giveaway!
Today's prize comes from my Etsy shop
 Oh Lovely Day Design.
 Below are some of my prints I've designed:

Two winners will win a free print of their choice from my shop
and a month of 200x200 ad space on the old blog.
Just enter the rafflecopter below to qualify:


I LOVE her prints so much!
I pretty much want them all to hang inmy hallway,
bedroom, bathroom, living room, ok basically everywhere!
Stay tuned for tomorrow for another giveaway!!