09 September 2013

The Almost Meltdown

So the other day, I'm in the kitchen making dinner
(I KNOW shocking right?!)
and Rory's just kinda playin around with her water bottles
(yes people, she's FINALLY drinking water!!!!)
and her sippy cup.

First I'm gonna take a minute and brag and thank the heavens above that 
Rory's finally drinking water which is a huge blessing for her digestive system,
AND she's finally drinking from a sippy cup!
Not very well (as in gets it all over herself usually) BUT it works!
And she's eating more different foods though she's still a big dairy fan.
Cheese is her favorite snack.

Now back to the story:
Rory had already made a complete mess with 
those water bottles twice that day,
but I was cooking.
Making rice, broccoli, and the sauce for 
our chicken broccoli rice casserole.
I look over at Rory and she was SOAKED!!!
Diaper dripping, she's slipping around on the floor, 
clothes all soaked through
and I got angry.
I raised my voice and said "NO Rory!"
She looked up at me with those eyes of hers while I took her sopping
clothes off yet again.
Then I stopped.
I looked back at her.
She smiled at me in her sheepish way, said "Mama??"
Kissed me and started splashing in her puddle on the floor.
And what did I do?
I fumed for .1 second, then decided,
let her play.
And I went back into the kitchen 
while my messy wet daughter played in a puddle of water.
And you know what?
The world didn't end hahaha
And I made a memory happen instead of having a mommy meltdown ;)


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!! I can see myself doing that very thing. I am learning to let go of control sometimes and just ask "why not?"

  2. I learn variations of these lessons over and over again! You're a fabulous mommy. :)

  3. CUTE!!! Frustrating, as well, I bet, but CUTE!!!

  4. I love this. So much. Such a perfect reminder that sometimes we just need to let the little things go and appreciate the moment. You are the best, Ali!

  5. Isn't it funny how in moments like this, making the unusual choice can make life better? You are a good mama!


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