18 September 2013

Letter to my baby girl

My little Rorester,
Oh my girl!
You're getting so big now, such a little lady.
Although there are lots of times I wish I could turn back the clock,
or even pause it so you stay small enough for me to hold always,
I look forward to each day we spend together and learn from each other.

I know you're big enough to not be rocked
or to be stuck snuggling your mama,
but I'm gonna hold onto our cuddle time as long as possible.
I love the way to snuggle into my shoulder
and sigh contentedly as you start to fall asleep ;)
Melts my heart even after bedtimes that take an hour or more.

As I watch you grow Rory
I just hope you know how much you are loved.
I try to tell you all the time,
and show you by hugs and kisses
and teaching you the things you need to know.
Now that you're starting to understand face and body parts,
it's fun to quiz you ;)
And when you HAVE to touch everyone's nose it's adorable!

I love how you say "Hi" and "Bye" to any and everyone we meet,
stranger or family or friend.
You make friends with everyone we meet no matter where.
I love that abut you!
I hope you continue to be that way,
openly loving and accepting of everyone.
You have such a strong spirit and personality
and I love that about you.
You know what you want and when you want it hahaha
And you're not shy about telling us what's up.

My baby girl.
You're no longer a baby and I'm slightly mourning this fact
but looking forward to seeing the girl/woman you become!
I have such high hopes for you,
so many things I want you to try and explore.
I want you to find your passion and just go with it.
I hope you have a love of music like your dad and I do,
I hope you still love to dance whether you do it
just for fun or as one of your passions.

You are so loved Aurora Rose.
I hope you understand that.
My heart is full of love for you,
your daddy loves you fiercely.
He loves when you run up to him when he comes home
and say "Dada!!!!" and give him kisses.
Your aunts and uncles love you,
both of your grandparents adore you,
and GG and Papa love you to pieces.

I'm very happy to be your mama.
It's been a great adventure so far,
and I look forward to everyday from here on out ;)

Love you little girl!



  1. Your description of her falling asleep on your shoulder melted my heart! Bedtime can take FOREVER but that moment makes it worth it. Rory is gonna be amazing!

  2. This is perfect. You are SUCH a good mama!

  3. What a sweet sweet letter. Who knew you possessed that much love for one tiny person?!


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