12 September 2013

eShakti Review and Giveaway!!

Alright everyone, I've been teasing you 
about this review for awhile but it's finally here!

You already know how much I LOVE eShakti (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), 
I own 4 dresses from them already
and they customize it to fit you exactly for $7!!
As in all alterations are only $7!!!!!

And right now,
they just introduced their fall line!
It's absolutely fall weather wearing!
Check it out!

Hello awesome!
So I picked this dress ;)

I fell in love with it!
I added cap sleeves to it
(gotta keep it modest after all)
and I LOVE that almost every dress and skirt comes with pockets.
You guys, POCKETS!
All I was hoping was that it would make me look
as good that it looked on the manikin.
 Or at least not make me look frumpy.
So I measured myself
(BTW, I've lost 3 inches off my waist!? Say what??)
and sent it in to be processed ;)

Soon as it came I squealed cuz it was WAY lighter in material
than I thought it would be.
Chambray after all gives off the impression that it's heavy
but it was incredibly light and very comfortable.
I ran to the bedroom to put it on
and made Andrew take pictures on my phone for me,
hence not the best lighting or quality
but I was just so excited!

Yeah I know, so unflattering but oh well!
I live with a toddler mmmmk?
My place always looks this messy hahaha

So today I took pictures with my camera but I had to take them
inside again and on a timer
since Andrew works all day hahaha
and Rory just really wanted to be in all of them ;)

Now you guys are super lucky cuz eShakti wants to giveaway $30
That's right,
2 winners!!!!



  1. Oh my GOSH! So cute! I would love to win!

  2. You look adorable! And I love their on the dotted line dress!

  3. Fav item? I cant choose JUST ONE! i love so many of them!

  4. Love the birdsong cotton poplin dress!

  5. Uhhh what is not my favorite is a better question. I want to win soooo bad :)

  6. Love love the Fiona dress. And I LOVE that dress on you!! So cute!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! That color is ridiculously wonderful on you!

  8. That dress looks perfect for just an afternoon out! Love it! And loving the cycle embroidery pencil skirt too. :)

  9. I heard about these dresses before, I wish I had heard about them again when I was looking for something to wear for my anniversary!

  10. Love the striped chambray maxi and the dress you chose too!

  11. I would get the Victoria Dress in Ochre Yellow :)
    I hope I win!

  12. I love so many of them! And you look GREAT missy!

  13. That is so awesome they customize the,. I will have to definitely check them out! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress :D


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