26 September 2013

Judge ye not

I've been seeing a lot lately about breastfeeding.
I don't know if it's like "Breastfeeding month" or whatever 
but seeing it all over the place
made me think of MY experience with it.

More like lack of experience.
As most of you know, I was unable to nurse Rory.
At first I was a little sad cuz everyone kept telling me 
"it's the best for your baby"
"it helps you bond with her"
"it's the right thing to do" etc etc.

Well guys, it didn't happen for me.
And I felt like the worst mother on the planet.
I kept getting judged for giving her a bottle of formula in public.
Those looks of
"Ooooo she's giving her FORMULA?! Boo hiss"
"She's such a horrible mother for not giving her what's best"
or just the 
"I know better than you" look.

Now before I get crucified for saying all of this,
I completely respect mothers that breast feed their babies!
Totally and completely support them and think it's great!
And power to ya mommies!

What I don't like,
is being JUDGED for how I mother my child.
Needing to give my daughter formula does not make me a bad mother.
My grandmother couldn't breast feed, my mother couldn't breast feed, 
and I couldn't.
Who are you to judge me for being unable to do so?
I physically wasn't able to do it.
One of my favorite criticisms I got was
"Well back in the olden [biblical] days they didn't even have formula,
what would you have done then?
Made your child starve?"
To that I say, there were wet nurses back then,
and if that was the way to feed a baby, that was the way.
And I would have done it.

Thankfully I live in a day and age when I don't have to give
my baby to another woman to feed her.
I am now able to provide a way to feed and bond with my daughter.
Yes, it was with formula
BUT she was fed and happy and I got to still bond with her
even if it was without a physical latch.

If you see a mom in the store/mall/church/anywhere giving her baby
a bottle with formula in it.
Please don't judge her.
Maybe she has something medical that prevents her from nursing,
maybe she just couldn't get the baby to latch,
maybe she even chose not to nurse.
One of my favorite sayings my grandma says sometimes
"If it was any of my business, I would ask."
Therefore judge ye not,
she is still a mother.


18 September 2013

Letter to my baby girl

My little Rorester,
Oh my girl!
You're getting so big now, such a little lady.
Although there are lots of times I wish I could turn back the clock,
or even pause it so you stay small enough for me to hold always,
I look forward to each day we spend together and learn from each other.

I know you're big enough to not be rocked
or to be stuck snuggling your mama,
but I'm gonna hold onto our cuddle time as long as possible.
I love the way to snuggle into my shoulder
and sigh contentedly as you start to fall asleep ;)
Melts my heart even after bedtimes that take an hour or more.

As I watch you grow Rory
I just hope you know how much you are loved.
I try to tell you all the time,
and show you by hugs and kisses
and teaching you the things you need to know.
Now that you're starting to understand face and body parts,
it's fun to quiz you ;)
And when you HAVE to touch everyone's nose it's adorable!

I love how you say "Hi" and "Bye" to any and everyone we meet,
stranger or family or friend.
You make friends with everyone we meet no matter where.
I love that abut you!
I hope you continue to be that way,
openly loving and accepting of everyone.
You have such a strong spirit and personality
and I love that about you.
You know what you want and when you want it hahaha
And you're not shy about telling us what's up.

My baby girl.
You're no longer a baby and I'm slightly mourning this fact
but looking forward to seeing the girl/woman you become!
I have such high hopes for you,
so many things I want you to try and explore.
I want you to find your passion and just go with it.
I hope you have a love of music like your dad and I do,
I hope you still love to dance whether you do it
just for fun or as one of your passions.

You are so loved Aurora Rose.
I hope you understand that.
My heart is full of love for you,
your daddy loves you fiercely.
He loves when you run up to him when he comes home
and say "Dada!!!!" and give him kisses.
Your aunts and uncles love you,
both of your grandparents adore you,
and GG and Papa love you to pieces.

I'm very happy to be your mama.
It's been a great adventure so far,
and I look forward to everyday from here on out ;)

Love you little girl!


16 September 2013

Rory Lately

You guys, when did I become the mother of a toddler?
I mean, she's still a baby right?!

She's a full grown toddler now.
Walking, talking, tantrum throwing on occasion.
Complete with pigtails and ponytails now!

I love her hair after I take out the pigtails hahaha
So funny!

 Is is possible for her to get MORE friendly?!
I mean seriously!
She'll kiss anyone that stands still long enough.
She acts shy at first, then dives in!
You will always be her new best friend.
She's also doing a new thing with taking your finger and taking you for a walk ;)
Papa is her favorite person to walk so far ;)

Also, she's the funniest sleeper!
She will fall asleep ANYWHERE!
She always gets cranky around noon or so cuz it's her naptime
so she will literally pick up a blanket
and walk to the kitchen for her bottle
(small bottle for nap and full bottle at bedtime.
Small weaning steps people)

She's still the sweetest thing most of the time,
when she bites me I don't think that's very sweet,
but then she gives kisses all the time!
Also, she knows: nose, ears, and toes!!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!
(guys you can tweet daily)

12 September 2013

eShakti Review and Giveaway!!

Alright everyone, I've been teasing you 
about this review for awhile but it's finally here!

You already know how much I LOVE eShakti (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), 
I own 4 dresses from them already
and they customize it to fit you exactly for $7!!
As in all alterations are only $7!!!!!

And right now,
they just introduced their fall line!
It's absolutely fall weather wearing!
Check it out!

Hello awesome!
So I picked this dress ;)

I fell in love with it!
I added cap sleeves to it
(gotta keep it modest after all)
and I LOVE that almost every dress and skirt comes with pockets.
You guys, POCKETS!
All I was hoping was that it would make me look
as good that it looked on the manikin.
 Or at least not make me look frumpy.
So I measured myself
(BTW, I've lost 3 inches off my waist!? Say what??)
and sent it in to be processed ;)

Soon as it came I squealed cuz it was WAY lighter in material
than I thought it would be.
Chambray after all gives off the impression that it's heavy
but it was incredibly light and very comfortable.
I ran to the bedroom to put it on
and made Andrew take pictures on my phone for me,
hence not the best lighting or quality
but I was just so excited!

Yeah I know, so unflattering but oh well!
I live with a toddler mmmmk?
My place always looks this messy hahaha

So today I took pictures with my camera but I had to take them
inside again and on a timer
since Andrew works all day hahaha
and Rory just really wanted to be in all of them ;)

Now you guys are super lucky cuz eShakti wants to giveaway $30
That's right,
2 winners!!!!


09 September 2013

The Almost Meltdown

So the other day, I'm in the kitchen making dinner
(I KNOW shocking right?!)
and Rory's just kinda playin around with her water bottles
(yes people, she's FINALLY drinking water!!!!)
and her sippy cup.

First I'm gonna take a minute and brag and thank the heavens above that 
Rory's finally drinking water which is a huge blessing for her digestive system,
AND she's finally drinking from a sippy cup!
Not very well (as in gets it all over herself usually) BUT it works!
And she's eating more different foods though she's still a big dairy fan.
Cheese is her favorite snack.

Now back to the story:
Rory had already made a complete mess with 
those water bottles twice that day,
but I was cooking.
Making rice, broccoli, and the sauce for 
our chicken broccoli rice casserole.
I look over at Rory and she was SOAKED!!!
Diaper dripping, she's slipping around on the floor, 
clothes all soaked through
and I got angry.
I raised my voice and said "NO Rory!"
She looked up at me with those eyes of hers while I took her sopping
clothes off yet again.
Then I stopped.
I looked back at her.
She smiled at me in her sheepish way, said "Mama??"
Kissed me and started splashing in her puddle on the floor.
And what did I do?
I fumed for .1 second, then decided,
let her play.
And I went back into the kitchen 
while my messy wet daughter played in a puddle of water.
And you know what?
The world didn't end hahaha
And I made a memory happen instead of having a mommy meltdown ;)

03 September 2013

Blogger Meetup at Clothes Minded

So last week we were able to go to Clothes Minded
for a blogger meetup!

A big thanks to Kim (the boutique owner) for letting us completely take over her space
and bombard her with camera flashes ;)

We also got to have Ashley speak to us about The Shine Project, blogging, etc.
And see new designs before they hit the stores!

It was a different experience for me
(since we all know I'm not a fashion blogger)
but I still enjoyed hanging out with my girls!
Plus they gave us a bag of goodies as we left which was so sweet!
If you're ever in Phoenix near the 1-10 and Ray,
 go check out Clothes Minded!

Basically, I have the coolest friends ever!

And there were yummy snacks!

Seriously had a blast with all these ladies!! ;)
(Allie, Hope, Chrissy, Camille, Lydia, Karly, Siri, Jen)