08 August 2013

Diamond Candle Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Alright guys, I KNOW you've been waiting for this giveaway!
I was SOOOO excited when I got contacted by Katelynn to review this candle and
then be able to give one to you guys!

I had never heard of Diamond Candles until I saw one of my FB friends had 
gotten 3 from her husband as an anniversary gift.
And I was intrigued, so I looked them up and thought,
"What a neat idea!"

So imagine my happiness when Katelynn asked me to review one!
I had the hardest time choosing which candle!
Seriously, guys it was like a Bath and Body Works candle-style.
Each candle has a ring inside,
ranging anywhere between $10, $100, $1000, and $5000!
And to me, this is just wonderful because they are ALL sparkly!
And do you know any girl who doesn't like
to feel pretty?

I seriously LOVE my candle!
First, it's soy-based so it's safer for burning than regular wax
(for those of you that have reservations about wax - yes I mean you Camille ;) )
and the fragrance is wonderful.
As soon as I opened my candle I was like
"Ooooo, THIS is how a candle should smell!"
then I lit it and it spread through the apartment and it smells so good here ;)

For this review, I picked the Midnight Kiss candle.

So can you see how big these are?
Now that I know how big they are, I would buy them even if they didn't have a ring!
Talk about a great investment in a great candle!

It took about 10 hours ish to get it here
and was super easy to get out!

I was so excited!!!
I put it on Instagram asking for people to give guesses
(in fact they're all still waiting because I wanted to do this first ;) )

Oh my gosh pretty right?!
It's too bad my fingers are super fat and it won't fit hahaha
BUT I'm gonna figure something out to do with it ;)

So now one of you lucky gorgeous ladies (or gents FOR your ladies)
gets to win one of these candles!
Guys, I really can't describe how much I love my candle,
the smell is amazing,
and it burns fast to the ring
(since it's nice and close to the top)
and then I still have a TON of my candle left to burn ;)
$25 well spent in my personal opinion 
and I plan on buying another one real soon here ;)

PLEASE got check out their


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