10 August 2013

Catching Up!

Don't forget to enter for the Diamond Candle!
Let me catch you up on what's been happenin around here ;)

Just giving her loves before I left her at GG and Papa's one day ;)
Can ya tell she just wanted me to leave her alone so she could play?
Hahahaha she sure loves her GG and Papa.

I made this at As You Wish for Andrew for his pens at work ;)
He's an obvious Nintendo nerd
and I thought it suited him ;)
Also I want it to be known that I drew everything but the spaceship,
thank you very much!

So, remember how one of my biggest fears is sharks?
Yeah it's shark week and I've found myself watching JAWS 
and the shows on Discovery.....
and the nightmares continue.....
WHY do I do this to myself??
I will never go swimming in the ocean again!

She was saying "pretty" into the camera
while she's looking at herself.
This one doesn't have any self-image issues hahaha

This week I made a funeral DVD slideshow for my dear friend's grandma,
and I enjoyed the process so much!
I've been thinking about maybe seeing if people would want that service
for a minimal price??
What do you think?
I scanned over 200 pictures in less than 6 hours
and made 5 copies of the movie and 5 CDs of the pictures 
within 12 hours of receiving them
(had to take a 3 hour break for a family dinner/party).
I was extremely proud of myself ;)
Little Victory!

And Wednesday we spent the day with grandma and GG ;)
And Rory took a little catnap
which GG loved since she doesn't really snuggle snymore. ;)

So what's been up with you lately??

(Sorry if this came up again.....blogger did a weird thing
and deleted the other post.....ugh)

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